King George III Would Be Proud


By Steve Deace

Focus on the Strategy

Friend of the program Dr. Timothy Daughtry has a great think-piece up at that asks us a very uncomfortable question: what is our strategy for accomplishing what we believe?

Daughtry says that when we ask that question “what you will not hear, even from conservative leaders, is a concise description of a strategy to promote a conservative agenda that puts the left on the defensive, because there isn’t one.”

He goes on to say:

Every major political initiative in America – from Obamacare to confiscatory taxation to disarming law-abiding citizens – comes from the far left. The conservative battle plan appears to be waiting to see where the left will attack next and then trying to hold them off.  In contrast, the left has successfully carried out a two-pronged strategy for decades, and it can be summarized during the proverbial elevator ride: first, dominate the cultural institutions so that the electorate is immersed in leftist thinking without ever realizing it. Second, minimize resistance to the statist agenda by increasing the power and scope of government in small increments over a long time. 

Simple, brilliant, and devastatingly effective. 

The left’s strategy has succeeded to the point that conservatives now accept liberal bias in our schools, newsrooms, and other cultural institutions as if it were a constant in nature, like the speed of light or the mass of an electron.

All I can add to that is Amen.

King George III Would Be Proud

The Heritage Foundation has a rather ominous list of all the new tax increases that went into effect for 2013. There’s a total of 13 of them, and when you consider how much you’re already paying in federal, state, local and various excise taxes, you have to think King George III would be proud if he were alive today. Oh, and if that’s not enough for you, it turns out the Heritage Foundation didn’t even count six other additional Obamacare taxes that went into effect on January 1 as well.

The Wussification of America Continues

A Colorado second grader has been suspended from his school for playing a pretend game at recess called “rescue the world.” 7-year old Alex Evans said, “I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended.” That’s an exact quote, by the way. Remember, he’s only seven. So what about the game merited a suspension? He threw an imaginary grenade into a box with pretend evil forces inside. He didn’t throw anything real or threaten anyone. But instead of applauding the young man’s God-given male instinct to protect the innocent and desire to be heroic, the school suspended him because he violated its list of “absolutes” which includes “no fighting, real or imaginary, and no weapons real or imaginary.” You can’t make this stuff up. Make sure you’re teaching your children Arabic, because it’s only a matter of time before the Islamists win when we’re raising boys to be wimps.

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