Is The Search Over or Have We Still Not Found What We’re Looking For?


by Jen Green

Last night on the Steve Deace Show, we did a very early and very unofficial 2016 Straw Poll.

There’s a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the junior senator from Texas. Simply say Ted Cruz’s name to the mainstream media and the GOP Establishment and they break out into hives. Yet, he’s getting 8 to 13 minute standing ovations in his home state of Texas. We wondered if this translated to our audience.

So, we asked two questions: 1) If the straw poll were held today, for whom would you vote and why? and 2) If we had asked you six months ago, would you have said the same person?

Here are the final results:

1) Ted Cruz 52%

2) Rand Paul 12%

2) Dr. Ben Carson 12%

3) Governor Bobby Jindal 6%

3) Rick Santorum 6%

3) Judge Andrew Napolitano 6%

3) Senator Mike Lee 6%

When asked “Why” they would vote for Ted Cruz, the predominant answer was that “he is fighting for us.”

We will repeat our unofficial 2016 Straw Polls every six months on the show.