Hey, Didn't You Used to be Paul Ryan?

ryan romney

By Steve Deace

Another one bites the dust.

Last September, I interviewed Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner about his article titled “Ryan Risks his Conservative Voice Running with Romney.” In the article, Carney made the following observations:

  • “On Medicare and abortion, Ryan has already had to slide to the left in order to be a Romney’s good lieutenant. These moves have Republicans worried that the intellectual leader of conservatives on Capitol Hill may have to cut and trim his convictions in the presidential campaign.”
  • “Ryan’s defining issue has been fixing Medicare, but joining Team Romney has forced him to do an about-face on the issue. But now Ryan inveighs against Medicare cuts. You see, Romney has promised to repeal all of Obamacare, and he has explicitly pledged to undo the bill’s Medicare cuts. Ryan joined this chorus in his nominating speech.”
  • “Ryan has also had to back down from his consistent pro-life stance. After Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin sloppily brought rape and abortion into the political fray, the Romney-Ryan campaign issued a statement declaring that ‘a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.'”
  • Ryan is “hardly the bold voice expressing the difficult truths championed by conservatives.”


In addition to Carney’s observations, Ryan previously voted for the criminal TARP and the recent fiscal cliff tax increase, which was the largest in 20 years. So if you’re keeping score so far another one of those new, young conservative heroes we’ve been sold on has betrayed us on taxes, spending, crony capitalism, the growth of government, and the sanctity of life.

So what’s left?

How about the Second Amendment? Up until this point, Ryan had an A-rating from Gun Owners of America. But now Ryan says he supports what liberals refer to as the “gun show loophole” which the NRA and conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz say doesn’t exist.

At the rate he’s betraying conservatives Ryan is going to make John McCain jealous. It appears Carney’s worst fears were realized. Ryan did get some of Romney on him. As the Good Book says, “Bad company corrupts good character.”

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