He Hate Me . . . and You

by Jen Green

Karl vs. the Tea Party

We’ve always known they hate us. They don’t want us in their “party.” They don’t believe in the same constitutional conservative principles we do. They don’t want a smaller government. They don’t want “We the People.” We’ve known that all along.

But now, they are putting their money where their mouth is. Karl Rove and his ironically-named “Conservative Victory Project” are raising money to beat Tea Party candidates. They don’t want any more Ted Cruz’s. They want more Dick Lugars and John Boehners.

And they’re going after incumbents as well. Conservative darling Steve King from Iowa is being named as a favorite to take over Tom Harkin’s Senate seat in 2014. Not so fast! says Rove. He’s too “Akin-like.”  (That’s baloney.) What it really means is he won’t carry the establishment’s water or ask “How high?” when they tell him to jump.

So, the question is . . . what are “We the People” going to do about this? Can we start with changing the channel from Fox News?

Scott Brown Sticks it to the GOP One Last Time

From the very first vote of his dubious political career, Massachusetts “Republican” Scott Brown has been an embarrassment to the folks who worked hard to get him elected. Remember the jubilation of getting a “Republican” in Massachusetts? It faded pretty fast when we remembered that they act much more like Mitt Romney than Steve King.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when Brown was beaten–although beaten by a woman with enough baggage to overload a Southwestern flight was a bit of an ego strike, I’m sure. But now that John Kerry has left his seat to be the Secretary of State, there’s another opening. Folks from the Massachusetts GOP believed Scott Brown was the best candidate for the special election–he’s got name recognition, a fundraising apparatus, etc. already.

But, over the weekend, Brown decided he wasn’t interested in the “bipartisan bickering” and is not interested in running. The Mass. GOP is scrambling now–with names like Ann Romney being thrown around in desperation.

And then, about 20 minutes ago from the time I’m writing this–a new name has popped up. Tagg Romney.

Aren’t you excited?

My Vote for Best Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, I thought the Nissan “Only Twinkies and Nissan left after the Apocalypse” was the best commercial. Then, the unions and the Obama economy went and killed the Twinkie anyway. So much for that.

This year. I only watched up to halftime of last night’s game, so I didn’t get to see this phenomenal commercial live.  I watched it this morning. It has my wholehearted vote for the best Super Bowl Commerical of 2013.

Then again, Paul Harvey could read the phone book and I’d probably vote for that, too. America misses him.

Thanks, Dodge, for a great tribute to our farmers.