GOP Needs to Embrace the Base


by Steve Deace

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Obama won by firing up his base. Republicans could learn a few things from him.

4:13PM EST November 7. 2012 – If the relationship between the Republican Party and its base following the 2012 election were a Facebook status, it would be “it’s complicated.” And that is the biggest story going forward in the reshaping of the GOP after another loss to Barack Obama.

Take, for example, my home state of Iowa, where Romney’s various positions on everything most important to social conservatives failed to ignite the party’s base in two consecutive Iowa Caucuses. And don’t tell me this is all about Mormonism. The most popular statewide Republican official with grassroots conservatives in Iowa is Secretary of State Matt Schultz, a Mormon who endorsed Rick Santorum in the Iowa Caucuses.

Romney’s negative coattails had major implications down ballot in the general election, and Republicans could not overcome a Democrat base energized to vote for Obama.

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  • Chris Downey

    The base needs to abandon the GOP.

    But concur on the Mormon point. Romney, in his political posturing, resembled exactly none of the many Mormons I’ve known over many years. Of course, I’ve never encountered the Harry Reid wing of the LDS either. My associations have been mercifully limited to the best-in-class.