FAQs and Misconceptions


By Steve Deace

Today’s daily briefing is a commercial for tonight’s radio show.

Each Wednesday in our final hour we conduct a bit of a college philosophy class on the radio known as “Worldview Wednesday.” It’s an opportunity for us to delve a little deeper into the belief systems and philosophies that prompt much of the news events and issues we debate and discuss in our culture each day.

As issues of sexuality, gender identity, and morality repeatedly surface in a culture wrestling with whether to maintain its original ethical system or to replace it with something else, frequently asked questions and misconceptions repeatedly arise. Many people have grown up in an environment where they weren’t taught the same value system as those that created Western Civilization and founded these United States of America, so there is much confusion about why we’ve had the traditions we’ve cherished for hundreds of years.

Tonight I will attempt to do my small part to add clarity to that confusion by addressing several issues that consistently come up in these conversations:

1) Doesn’t the Bible say “judge not lest ye be judged?”

2) Doesn’t Jesus say “let he who is without sin cast the first stone?”

3) The difference between consequences and condemnation.

4) Is secularism objective and Judeo-Christian morality subjective?

5) What is God’s design for sexuality, and why is that is His design?

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