Face Palm


By Steve Deace

The fallout from the epic fail that is Obamacare is now becoming a politically transcendent event.

Look no further than the Virginia governor’s race for evidence. A week ago Breitbart News was essentially writing Ken Cuccinelli’s obituary after a Rasmussen Poll had Cuccinelli trailing his Democrat opponent by 17 points just two weeks before Election Day. But in the past 48 hours two polls have the gap narrowing to 5 points and 4 points in the final days of the campaign.

What’s changed? Cuccinelli has made Obamacare the focus of his campaign and it seems to be working for him. Maybe it’s a case of too little, too late? But what if Cuccinelli had another week or so to hang the Obamacare albatross around his opponent’s neck?

In the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which is traditionally the most friendly to Obama among all the respected mainstream media polls, the president’s approval rating has sunk to just 42%–his all-time low. In the same poll only 22% of the American people believe the country is headed on the right track, and that number dropped to just 13% in a recent Rasmussen poll.

Further proving Obamacare’s high toxicity, the list of red state Democrats on the ballot next year who are calling for Obamacare to be delayed continues to grow. Another poll found 70% of Americans want Obamacare delayed at least a year. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius did little to calm increasing public anxiety about Obamacare’s disastrous launch in her widely-panned Capitol Hill testimony on Wednesday. Sebelius’ laughable attempts to deflect blame and take it all upon herself at the same time spawned several whoppers that defied logic and common sense.

Such as:

  • Sebelius claimed the Obamacare website had never crashed, and then had to be told by a Congressman the site was actually down during most of her testimony. Furthermore, CNN ran a split screen of Sebelius claiming the Obamacare website had never crashed alongside a live image capture of the Obamacare website saying “the system is down at the moment.”
  • Sebelius erred when she said the reason she had not tried to enroll in Obamacare herself is because “it is illegal” for her to do so. That is false. Either she deliberately lied or is really that ignorant about her administration’s signature legislation.
  • Sebelius claimed the administration was blindsided by all the “glitches” despite months and months and months of warnings in advance.
  • Sebelius repeated the “if you like your current plan you can keep it lie,” which even the liberal Washington Post awarded “four Pinocchios” for its breathtaking lack of any honesty.
  • Sebelius actually argued that single men do need maternity coverage.
  • Just as the Associated Press broke the story the Obamacare website is a security risk, Sebelius was testifying the administration is “absolutely committed” to protecting Obamacare enrollees’ private information.


And there’s more where that came from.

Now five Democrat congressmen have come forward to ask the Obama Regime to demand a refund from the Canadian company that was paid $93 million for creating the Obamacare website that has “failed to work for most people,” according to a letter they sent to Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama is so desperate to reverse the narrative that he gave a speech in Boston praising former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, whom he defeated in last year’s presidential election, for Romneycare and said “he did the right thing.” Romneycare has resulted in Massachusetts having the highest insurance premiums in the country.

Recently I wrote that all the stories we’re currently seeing about Democrats coming forward to talk about what a disaster Obamacare’s rollout has been, and demanding it be delayed, was a setup to allow the president the chance to magnanimously come forward and get the credit for delaying it himself.

I now believe I was wrong about that.

If this was a master plan, the administration has waited too long to consummate it. They have taken too many hits now, and written too many Republican 2014 campaign commercials for them along the way. The damage to Obama is already done and can’t be undone, even if he delays it now Obama will not look gracious but weak.

It’s also hard to believe the Left’s new-found anxiety about Obamacare was a well-coordinated meme when the White House absolutely and pathetically embarrassed itself with Sebelius’ Congressional testimony. It’s doubtful they would’ve put Sebelius up there to defend the indefensible if they were playing offense here.

As long as the Republican Party does not betray its base on a key issue like scamnesty, which of course with the GOP is always a big if, next year’s mid-term elections are setting up as a referendum on Obamacare. The last time we had a mid-term election that was a referendum on Obamacare, the Republicans gained the most seats in the House in any one election since 1966, and acquired over 700 seats in state legislatures across the country.

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