Deace Show Podcast 12-27-11


Hour 1: The Presidential Pro-life Tele-Townhall…presented by Personhood USA, moderated by Steve Deace. Hear how Bachmann, Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum answer questions on the life issue.


Hour 2: Deace and the Amen Corner analyze the candidates’ townhall performance…and why the debate on this issue has drastically changed.

Hour 3: Former U.S. Representative J.C. Watts makes his case that Newt Gingrich is the man for the White House.


  • Britta

    I guess I just have to give up when you actually consider Rick Perry “genuine”.

    How does one determine if one is being “genuine”?

    I guess I look to see if their actions meets their words. And in regards to politicians when actions means words, do

    they only meet them at times when it’s politically advantagous to them?

    With Michelle Bachmann she seems genuine and I believe she is.  I look at how she took in foster children and she wasn’t

    even in politics at the time. And then she got into politics over Goals 2000, which certainly at the time wasn’t an easy

    way to get ahead in politics. Goals 2000 was supported by both political parties at the time.  So there was no political

    benefit to pick that issue to cut her political teeth with.

    Rick Perry on the other hand has always picked easy issues to exploit to get ahead.  He has made a lot of money over his

    political career through politics.

    You were impressed with his answers on abortion? Well, let me ask you how easy is it for a pro-abortion Republican to

    get elected governor in Texas?  Well you know the answer. So since the anti-abortion feeling in Texas is so strong you

    would expect a true pro-life Governor in Texas to push the cause further than Perry did.  After all he did was sign a

    law that an already pro-life legislature had written.  Some would say it would have been political suicide for him not


    Okay, if Rick Perry is actually “genuine” and he believes the stuff he said he did last night PROVE it. He might not be

    able to do it right now for the whole United States but he is currently a Governor in the state Texas so why doesn’t he

    end abortions in Texas? All abortions!  One Executive Order.  No abortions at all in the State of Texas. And if the Feds

    don’t like it – tough (he can prove he is also pro 10th Amendment here). After all what’s more important?  Federal Law

    or protecting life?  If the Feds want to go to civil war over this, then that’s their choice, but to protect Life he

    should be willing to us his state police force to enforce personhood principles in the state of Texas.

    If he won’t do it for the state of Texas, a state where it is politically advantageous to be politically pro-life

    (though perhaps not so politically advantageous if it causes conflict with the Federal Government) why would he do it

    for a less pro-life nation?

    By the way, Rick Perry knew the name of the forum you had him speak at. He knew for the most part what to say to people

    like you.  What gets me, is Steve himself talks about how politicians are “taught to the test” and that is all you heard

    from Perry.

    Also, where has he ever took a stand that hurt him politically? Oh, there’s been at least two times I can think of but

    each of those times he got something personally out of the stands.  Both times he was serving his political


    You really need to think hard about how you judge how “genuine” someone is.  If instead of Texas, Rick Perry was

    governor of say I don’t know California then yeah, I would be impressed with his pro-life stance (as long as he didn’t

    just change to it once he got national asperations), but for someone who had a strongly favorable political environment

    to operate in, you would have expected more from a politician with genuine pro-life convictions.

    To tell if a politician is being genuine you need to see if they are being consistant even when it’s not politically

    advantageous.  With Perry, he even tried to deny the ideas of the book “Fed Up” he wrote (or more likely had written for

    him) a year ago.  The only consistancy you see with Perry is his cronyism. Other than that, every statement he has made

    can be contradicted by his public record.

    I am not the only won who question Perry’s sincerity.  Please check out this article. And also remember that indeed

    Perry did endorse Rudy Giuliani. If personhood was a deeply held belief of his instead of just a political position he

    would have never done that.

    • Bill Grant

      With Perry you always have to ask is he really taking a politically uncomfortable stand or is he just “Offending all the Right People” which at least momentarily helps him politically.

      In the end I guess it probably doesn’t matter.  But IF he does somehow make it out of Iowa please see if his tune changes any moving forward. If those of us who believe that Perry is a cynical grand stander is right, then you will see him move away from the positions he felt he had to take in Iowa just like you saw him try to move away from his book. 

      To me there seemed to be “teaching towards the test” going on in regards to Perry. After all Steve’s position and the position of the other guy putting on the forum was quite clear and Perry has staked out for himself the evangelical pro life voter. 

      In regards to when Perry said “You never hear a woman who has lost a baby call that baby a ‘fetus’ ” do you think perhaps this is something someone else might have mentioned to him and he saw the response that statement got from the people around him and he thought, hey, good rhetorical line?

      Wasn’t Perry a “Cheerleader” in college?  He does seem that a skill he has is to rev up a crowd.  But apart from that to me he seems like a hollow man. A man with no true political beliefs, just positions he has found successful in the past in getting ahead politically.

      You look at him politically, and except for whatever consistency you see from him having his political career in Texas which means he has to parrot certain views to get re-elected you see a man whose public actions, when you look closely at him you see a man whose public actions are INCONSISTENT with his public record.

      In that one ad he talked about “em gays in the military” which obviously “offends all the right people” but such rhetoric is inconsistent with his public actions where he actually gave special rights to gays. It was one of his first acts as governor signing a bill that when submitted to George W. Bush a year earlier he actually refused to sign.  And of course if you think well Perry has “evolved” since then no sooner does that ad get released than we find out that he actually has a homosexual advising him. Now, currently.

      Perry has given us in the few months of his campaign enough evidence of his insincerity that for anyone to believe that anything that comes from this guy’s mouth in “Campaign Mode” (a term popularized by Scott Brown) really shocks and disappoints me. From his early attempts to back away from his book, to his missteps regarding so called gay marriage being a “10th amendment issue” to the whole gay stuff with that ad surely you can see a man who just sees campaign rhetoric as “tools of the trade” and not met to reflect his actual intent when governing.

      • Bill Grant

        Also, while I hate to question a man’s claim that he is a Christian, here’s an article by Alan Keyes that does bring into question how he uses his claims to being a Christian in his political life.  Question now, does it politically in Texas, or for that matter in his race in Texas help him or hurt him to portray himself as being a Christian?  When he spoke at “the Response” (have Brannon Howse on your program to find out what “the Response”  was about and who was putting it on. IHOP isn’t just a place old people go to eat.  Look up International House of Prayer and find out what Brannon had to say about that) Perry obviously offended “all the right people” but Alan Keyes questions what he actually had to SAY there.

  • Bill Grant

    I have a problem with finding Rick Perry sincere.  It does sound more like he had picked up a few phrases along the campaign trail and was now just parroting them back to a crowd he knew would appreciate them.

    After all like Britta said, he isn’t a man without any power. He is governor of the State of Texas.  He could outlaw through his interpretation of the US 14th amendment and such abortions in Texas at least.  Sure not without much controversy but if he really believes that Life comes First he would do it.

    And it isn’t like state officials haven’t challenged the Feds on other issues.  Look at medical marijuana laws in many states.  The Feds say it’s illegal and they have much case law to back up their “right” to outlaw marijuana and to enforce this restriction. Yet the states still allow the “clinics” ignoring the Feds completely. Similarly Perry could just ignore Federal Law regarding abortion and enforce through his state police restrictions upon it. Again, I know it wouldn’t come without controversy, probably even a bitter struggle with the Feds but if he was the man he claimed he was last night he would accept such a struggle. And he is in a state where arguably most people are anti-abortion.

    Perry is a con man. It is in his soul.  One thing he is good at is sensing what he needs to say to get people excited, or at least he is good at doing that most of the time.  Also he seems to always live in the moment doing what he believes is politically advantageous at the moment without considering if he will find it politically advantageous to change his tune later on.  Some might call that shortsighted. But in the age of the internet he will find that will come back to bite him.

  • Bill Grant

    After all like Britta said, he isn’t a man without any power. He is
    governor of the State of Texas.  He could outlaw through his
    interpretation of the US 14th amendment and stop such abortions in Texas at
    least.  Sure not without much controversy but if he really believes that
    Life comes First he would do it.

    It does seem to be an act of desperation on Perry’s part to have such a last moment “conversion”. But he did leave an out.  He said we should try for a constitutional amendment.  Perhaps we should but what that does is take it out of the hands of the President. Sure he could rhetorically advocate for it as much as he would like but if it doesn’t happen, oh well, it wasn’t in his control if such an amendment passes or not. Can’t blame him.  He can in that sense “wash his hands” of the issue.

  • Bill Grant

    Even Gregg Jackson implied that if Rick Perry was Sincere in what he said last night he would today end abortion in Texas.  We need to look at ACTIONS not words, especially when the candidate is in “campaign mode”.  Steve Deace himself mentions this in some of his sermons but then fails to apply it in the case of Rick Perry.  And Jen Green doesn’t seem to “get” Rick Perry either despite all the evidence, the overwhelming evidence showing what he really is.Perry could receive 10 percent of the vote in the caucuses.  Just think if that could have gone to Bachmann instead.At this point I am seriously wondering if we should all just throw caution to the wind and throw our lot in with Paul.  Apart from Bachmann and perhaps Santorum (though we have evidence in the past that he was a sell out with endorsements) Paul is the only one who I believe would move the ball in our direction.  Don’t agree with the extent he wants to go on some things but that will all work itself out in the political process.  It’s the direction that is important.  He will “turn the ship around”.

  • Mikewest

    I believe our Lord and commander has given
    us crystal clear instructions for this very moment in time concerning the
    upcoming elections in the following scriptures.


    “Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the


    “Take you WISE MEN, and UNDERSTANDING, and
    KNOWN AMONG YOUR TRIBES, and I will make them rulers over you. “ (Deuteronomy


    Sadly, the mistake most Christians make
    today is by ignoring these clear and specific scriptures above. Instead they
    will draw deep lines in the sand over particular shared VALUES and ISSUES
    versus making a candidate’s RELATIONSHIP with Christ the top priority. This
    often compromised requirement should be first, foremost and non-negotiable.
    Surely it would be the same model for choosing a wife, husband, business
    partner, church leader, and most importantly how God Himself will chose one day
    whether we are allowed to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.


    The confusion comes from theologians who
    wrongfully justify this elevation of values over relationship based on the “no
    religious test for office” clause in the constitution. However, this man-made
    document’s main purpose is to restrain the gov’t not the people. It’s because
    of this very clause that protects our individual right to have a religious
    test! When you think about it, everyone has a religious test. We all choose to
    worship someone or something.


    Back to looking at the verses above, these
    are just a few of the many reasons I place Dr. Ron Paul as the choice of any
    serious Christian voter.


    1. As a real constitutional scholar and
    avid student of our founder’s vision of a very, very, very limited federal
    gov’t, he’s quite “ABLE” to keep his oath of office. As someone who takes his
    oaths very seriously, he will no doubt actually uphold the constitution in its
    original intent. Based on his years of public service, he has shown nothing but
    respect and unwavering loyalty to this providential document.

    As the only Austrian economist that
    supports gov’t accountability and individual responsibility, he’s clearly the
    only one ABLE to really change this economic crisis by exiting our offensive
    empire building wars, the wicked United Nations & International Monetary
    Fund. I also believe by truly limiting the gov’t, the Church will be set free
    to be unlimited and will be indirectly assisted into another great national


    2. As a seasoned congressional leader who’s
    notably known as “Dr. No” for his willingness to stand alone based on his
    personal convictions, He’s shown time and time again to be a man that “FEARS
    GOD” more so than mortal men of his own party or constituency.


    3. Dr. Paul has proven over the years to a
    solid “MAN OF TRUTH”. His life’s record of honesty to his family and the many
    people he has served is impeccable, widely respected and without comparison to
    his peers. As a humble born again follower of “The Truth” Jesus Christ, he
    refuses to go around proudly proclaiming his righteousness in order to gain
    political favor. Unlike the many politicians of our day who conveniently give
    deceptive, insincere, and pompous speeches filled with self-righteous God-talk
    designed to fool gullible Christians. Verifiable actions need to precede words.

    4. If there was ever an ISSUE that needs
    further exploration and expansion by the Christian community this is it!
    “HATING COVETEOUSNESS”. Here Dr. Paul has teed off like no other modern day
    Christian Statesman by countless stands against one political group taking from
    another. He’s clearly against Obama’s Social Welfare in taxing the rich to give
    to the poor. And on the flip side, he’s against Republican Corporate Welfare
    that takes from the poor tax payers and bails out wall-street bankers. He has
    been a giant congressional watchdog in advocating contentment across the board.


    5. MEN or Male. Like all other ordained
    institutions including the family and Church, God’s highest standard for the
    civil realm is clearly for men to take the lead. God made male and female to
    complement each other rather than to compete. If you’re really PRO-LIFE, put
    down your marching signs and start encouraging and honoring young women who
    choose the beauty of motherhood over the enticements of being in the public
    square’s lime light. Furthermore, you would also encourage and honor the older
    women who opt to spend their limited time on teaching the younger women how to
    love their husbands and children.


    Finally, in researching and looking over
    Dr. Ron Paul’s life-long commitments to his faith, family and 30 year record of
    humble Christian service, it appears that no one comes closer to matching up to
    these 5 specific gold standards from Jehthro.


    However, if you are like some that just
    can’t get past some secondary “issue”. I would STRONGLY recommend what Dr. Paul
    said at a recent debate. He was asked “what one book would you recommend for
    every citizen to read?” he responded aside from religion and more specifically
    dealing with civil gov’t and politics, he said “The Law” written by Frederick
    Bastiat in 1850 during the years leading up to the French revolution. It’s a
    classic book on the ideas of preserving individual liberty and freedom by
    restraining governmental socialism. It goes back to the “old path” and thoughts
    of our founding fathers and their vision of America. He is absolutely right in
    promoting this book that clarifies a lot of civil issues, in my mind it lines
    up with everything I know to be scriptural.


     After reading it, my final thought is “how in
    the world did the church get so far off track?”


    “If my people, which are called by my name,
    shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked
    ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal
    their land.”


    II Cornicles 7:14