Deace Show Podcast 12-14-11


Hour 1: The Personhood Pledge…how to win without compromising your principles.

Hour 2: Is there any conservative case for an individual health care mandate?  Dr. Jane Orient, from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, says no…and addresses alternatives to Obamacare.

Hour 3: Does it matter whether Rick Perry hired a homosexual as a campaign strategist? Drew Zahn from WorldNetDaily breaks down the story’s impact and implications.

  • Gary

    Steve, why has it taken you so long to see Rick Perry as the phony he is?  He is the exact opposite to how he portrays himself as being.

    Put aside the Gay Campaign Strategist for a moment. His own record shows up his ad for the lie it is.   One of his first public acts was to include them gays as an so called protected class under so called hate crimes law. So, HE IS WHO HE IS RAILING AGAINST! 

    This isn’t the first time conservatives have gotten taken in regarding what Perry SAYS as opposed to what he does. 

    He gave a very good speech on sovereignty, remember. Gosh dang it if the Feds mess with us too much we will, we well secede by golly that is what we will do.

    But this is the same governor who made deals with a Spanish company to take land using eminent domain and build toll roads on them.

    Too many conservatives put much, much, much more significance on what a politicians says compared to what a politician does. In  the end what is really important?  Is it more important to walk the walk or talk the talk while walking in the opposite direction?

  • Larry

    This is ONLY the most important election in our lifetime IF there’s a real choice.

    If this is another 1996 where we elect a Dole like candidate (Gingrich Romney) then it will not be the most important election in our lifetime.

    Except perhaps in determining WHO GETS THE BLAME.

    Look, as bad as Obama has been, and he has been bad, still he didn’t get us into this mess.  A progressive Republican got us in this mess, and I doubt that a progressive Republican will get us out of it.

    But what a Progressive Republican might do, is he might be able to TAKE THE BLAME.  When things get really, really bad and people start hating Gingrich Romney as much as they hated Bush then it will all be “CONSERVATIVISM’S FAULT. ” Yeah, it will be because of Gingrich Romney’s Progressive policies but don’t count on the press portraying it that way.

    Look if next years election is an election to see who we get into the hot seat before the music stops playing, then I say GO OBAMA!

    Yeah, I will be a conservative FOR OBAMA!

  • Kevin


    Oh, He has made it worse, so in that sense he should be held accountable.

    But he has only blazed the trail set by fellow progressive George W. Bush. He is right when he says that.  Oh, he is wrong when he uses it as an excuse (we expected him to fix Bush’s mistakes) but he is right about it all starting under Bush.

    Progressivism has the same effect whether it is tried by Bush, Obama or by Romney Gingrich.

    But if it is to fail I rather it fails under Obama because when it fails under Republican progressives conservatives tend to get blamed.

    Look, Romney in particular, his main claim to fame is “he can win”.  We must say, no, he can’t because WE WON’T VOTE FOR HIM!

    McCain said he could win, HE LOST.  Romney is another McCain. And we need to let the world know if just to blow his “I can win” claim out of the water, that NO WE WON’T VOTE FOR YOU.

    If I could ask Mr. Romney one question it would be the following.  Mr. Romney, I have talked with many in the Conservative Grassroots, Evangelicals, Tea Parters and such, and I would say a good percentage of them have said that they will not vote in the general if you are nominated.  Now, last time, in 2008 the same types of people who said that McCain would win are now the types of people who said you would win. Well they were wrong in 2008, and why shouldn’t we believe that they would be proven wrong this time in the end as well. So isn’t your “I can win”  argument a myth.  In fact, you seemed to have brought a lot of divisiveness into this race and in that sense have prevented any chance of unity bringing you into the general. You have misread the public if you think they are merely anti-Obama. They are anti-establishment which means they will stay home against you.