Deace Show Podcast 01-11-12

real mitt romney

Hour 1: Do you know the real Mitt Romney? We uncover the truth with Steve Baldwin, former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy, and the Rosetta Stone to unravel Mitt Romney’s real legacy of lies.

Hour 2: Think Romney is inevitable?Think again. Deace reveals why it’s possible no one will capture enough delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention this summer.

Hour 3: Waiting for inspiration…what does a President need to sound like to both educate and inspire America again?


  • Anonymous

    The only reason that Romney is where he is at is because people do not know about him but only know what the media and he himself is saying about himself. Once people wake up and listen to those who actually know what his past is and what he has done will turn him off in a second. Now that is with the assumption that you will not be listening to Ann Coulter who has sold her soul in order to back Romney.

  • Clint

    Apparently, it is Deace and Baldwin who are obsessed with gay people.  Hmm. 

  • Sherry R

    Great show!  LOVED the clips from Newt from 3 years ago…so inspirational!  (and thank you for the context of the speech)

    Looking forward to taking this election all the way to Tampa to defeat Romney.  Let us stand for God…do right, people!  Be faithful!  Let God take care of the results!