Deace Show Podcast 01-02-12

gingrich values

Hour 1: Why Steve is voting for Newt Gingrich…and why he thinks you should…The Amen Corner grills Steve with FAQs about his endorsement.

Hour 2: We get the inside look at what’s going on in the Gingrich campaign, with Newt’s daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman…how will Newt answer all these attack ads?

Hour 3: Congressman J.C. Watts joins Pastor Jim Garlow to discuss Newt’s record of results and how they believe he’ll get things done.

  • Jay

     I wish that conservatives would have made more of an issue about “Not
    Voting for Romney Regardless”.  The Republican Elite believes that in
    the end evangelicals and tea partiers will just fall in line for
    Romney.  I don’t know.  I heard a lot of people say that McCain was the
    last time they would “hold their nose” but history has shown that most
    conservatives do vote for RINOS in the end. 

    Which is too bad because history has also shown that RINO Republicans lead to even more extreme Democrats later on.

    I am serious about not voting for Romney regardless, but I am afraid
    that in the end too many conservatives will in the end put on their
    jersey and “root for their team”.

    • Cody D Darr

      I am not so sure…I know there are many like me that will write in Dr. Paul’s name if he isn’t our nom. Not that we think we can win, but we want to send the GOP establishment a strong message. I know hundreds that have pledged this, and I don’t really know all that many people…