U.S. President Obama walks between McConnell and Boehner before a health reform legislation meeting in Washington

By Steve Deace

You know this is all for show, right?

Let’s face it, the fix is in. This isn’t our first rodeo. We’re not falling for the banana in our tailpipe again.

Oh, sure, a lot of Republicans will talk a good game about holding Obama’s feet to the fire on military intervention in Syria. They’ll pretend to listen to you, and act like they don’t trust Obama, either. But then after they’re done patronizing you via email they’ll eventually do what we’ve already seen them do several times this year (i.e. the fiscal cliff, scamnesty, de-funding Obamacare, etc.)

In the end they’ll cave and provide Obama cover, because this dog cannot help but return to its own vomit. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has done more to salvage Obama’s legacy and presidency than the current gutless, feckless, and treacherous leadership of the Republican Party.

All of Obama’s globalist progressive allies that gave him a Nobel Peace Prize have abandoned him on war in Syria. His “red line” proclamation boxed us in to the point his best argument for war in Syria is we have to do something even dumber now so he can save face. Not exactly the stuff of realpolitik. Even the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military couldn’t tell the U.S. Senate on Tuesday what victory in Syria looks like.

But Obama can pay it no mind, because he knows that when the chips are down he’ll always have the leadership of the Republican Party there to bail him out. Why do you think Obama even acquiesced to Congressional permission at the last minute to begin with? Does anybody really believe Obama would’ve done so if he didn’t already know the outcome?

It took approximately five minutes for Republican Speaker John Boehner to back Obama on the United States becoming Al-Qaeda’s Air Force, and the only reason Ditch McConnell – who negotiated the fiscal cliff tax increase back in January – hasn’t done so yet is because he’s got a primary back home to worry about. Obama even has Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly on the conservative-leaning Fox News calling a GOP base tired of endless and pointless warfare “loons” on the air.

When the dog-and-pony show of GOP resistance is over, it will be the same “wacko birds” we’ve seen time and time again standing up to the system and saying no to repeating the foreign policy mistakes of the past decade.

But as we’ve seen time-and-time again they’ll be standing alone.

The GOP leadership will join with Democrats to risk our soldiers’ lives, as well as the lives of innocent civilians in Syria, in a last-ditch effort to salvage Obama’s tattered credibility—the risk of creating another Egypt (or something much, much worse) be damned.

This is more of the same pillow fighting we’ve done in the Middle East for a decade now, where we risk our resources (and innocent lives caught in the crossfire) only to leave essentially the same belief system and infrastructure in place that led to the problem in the first place. In the end, all we’ve accomplished is we’ve made it even easier for Jihadists to kill Christians and raze Christian churches.

Most of you reading this already know this, which is why only 9% of the American people want war in Syria. But our ruling class doesn’t care what you think unless you’re willing to make them care.

This is what gangster government looks like. It’s not Republican vs. Democrat. It’s us vs. them. The only thing you can threaten gangster government with is their gravy train. They don’t care about your emails, Facebook laments, or Twitter vents. You have to hit them where it hurts.

And where it hurts is with their phony-baloney jobs. Every single gangster government politician, regardless of party, has to go. You have to start seeing the world as they see it. They don’t care about ideology. This is simply a protection racket. They talk a good game about conservative vs. liberal, but the truth is that’s just the political equivalent of pro wrestling. It’s scripted and contrived for entertainment purposes only.

The elections of 2014 and 2016 need to serve as a cleansing. There needs to be the greatest vanquishing of the ruling class we’ve ever seen, otherwise we have no one to blame for allowing them to take us down the drain but ourselves.

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