Beating Up Women in the Name of Equality


By Steve Deace

According to the Florida State Boxing Commission, Fallon Fox may be a fraud. But I think Fallon Fox is a trailblazer and a hero.

The 37-year old Fox is a transgendered MMA fighter who underwent a sex change operation back in 2006. Now believing he’s a woman and not the man God created him to be, he’s taken to beating up women for sport. After knocking out a woman in just 39 seconds in his last fight, the Florida State Boxing Commission launched an investigation into the legitimacy of his transgenderedness because Fox is now 5-0, and he’s won all of his bouts in the first round.

I say shame on the Florida State Boxing Commission and will heap praise upon Fox, for he is only taking the brave, new world we’re ushering in to its most logical conclusion. If gender doesn’t matter, and equality is defined as each gender is capable of doing exactly everything the other can do, then whether Fox is truly transgendered or not shouldn’t matter. In fact, he shouldn’t even have to think he’s a woman now to play “here comes the boom” in the octagon with women. He ought to be able to beat them up just as much as he would his fellow man.

MMA is not a conscripted occupation. Women volunteer for this. If women can now volunteer to be raped, disemboweled, and decapitated by the enemy on the front lines in combat in the name of equality, then why can’t they get pummeled by equally evolved male primates in MMA?

Oh sure, the women Fox bludgeoned in his personal pain cave didn’t know they were dealing with a man at birth, so perhaps you feel I’m mixing apples and oranges here. But if that’s what you think, then you’re discriminating against Fox. Why shouldn’t he have equal access in MMA? Why should his access be restricted to just his own kind? If you think that, then you’re probably one of those troglodytes who still believe people should be restricted to only marrying someone of the opposite sex as well.

And if the women can’t handle it, then Fox is only providing a real-life demonstration of natural selection. He is the very embodiment of survival of the fittest where only the strong and those willing to adapt survive. Fox is so willing to adapt, he tried changing his own genitalia. It doesn’t get much more devoted than that.

Even the People’s Progressive Republic of California is being intolerant of Fox’s quest for self-actualization by holding up his license to fight there. This is the same state that wants to criminalize those who help folks struggling with same-sex attraction return to heterosexuality, and now they’re denying Fox’s path to inclusion? That doesn’t sound like diversity to me.

If you’re an average golfer on the PGA Tour, why not join the LPGA and clean up? Furthermore, why do we even have a LPGA Tour at all? I thought gender was irrelevant and we were all capable of doing the exact same things. Remember when Billie Jean King in the prime of her career beat 55-year old Bobby Riggs in professional tennis’ battle of the sexes? Who doesn’t want to see Serena Williams likewise clean Roger Federer’s clock nowadays? I’m sure she could.

I’m so confused. Kind of like Fox.

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