An Open Letter to Libertarians

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By Steve Deace

Here’s a political reality at least some libertarians are going to have come to grips with: you’re going to have to choose homosexuality or a potential Rand Paul presidency in 2016.

It will be hard enough getting the mass of social conservatives mobilized in 2016 as it is after many of them already didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. If the Republican Party formally embraces homosexuality or says it won’t defend marriage anymore, even more of those people are bye-bye. If you couldn’t get them to get out and vote Republican with Barack Obama of all people as the alternative, then many of those people are just done voting for something they don’t believe in for good.

Marriage is an issue they believe deeply in. The liberals in the media know this, which is why they keep bringing this up. They’re trying to disintegrate the Republican Party on this issue, and by encouraging Christians to choose a political party over their faith you’re playing right into their hands. Keep going along with this, and you’ll learn what a Pyrrhic victory really looks like.

Whether you agree with it or not, or want Christians to change what they believe or not is irrelevant. It is what it is. This is what Christians have always believed, because it’s what the Bible and the church teaches. You’re not going to undo 2,000-plus years of orthodoxy. Rand could still get the nomination without those people I suppose, but if that were true I doubt he’d be spending so much time reaching out to them right now. If he didn’t need us, he’d be writing us off.

But suppose Rand does get the 2016 GOP nomination without us. Come the general election, you won’t be able to replace those voters. There are too many other Americans that are essentially wards of the state, so they’re not going to vote against their government gravy train. You’ll need the almost 3 million evangelicals that didn’t vote for Romney in 2012 but did vote in 2008 (not to mention the many Catholics who voted for McCain and not Romney as well), and they’re not going to overlook bedrock moral issues to vote simple economics. If that were true, they would’ve done it in the last election with the economy on the very brink of another recession.

Those are cold, hard truths. To deny them makes you just as prone to emotional magical thinking as liberals. And I know you’ll tell me that younger generations want marriage destroyed. So what? That doesn’t help Rand Paul in 2016, does it? The only time younger voters actually determined a presidential election anyway was in 2008, and even then their presence was overrated to some extent.

Besides, 30 years ago younger generations wanted child killing on demand, too, when the culture was trending that way and now the younger you go in the Republican Party the more pro-life you are. There are lots of things we believe when we’re younger we don’t believe once we grow up.

Grown-ups, by the way, look at reality and recognize it. So here’s some reality: you’ll have to choose homosexuality or a potential Rand Paul presidency in 2016. You won’t get both. Whine all you want, call Christians like me all the names you want, it won’t change the truth.

But don’t just take my word for it. How about my own state party chairman, who helped run Ron Paul’s 2012 Iowa Caucus campaign? In an email this week to the Republican National Committee, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker said:

Fellow RNC Members,

While inclusion is important, elected Republicans (we all know the most recent example) and National/State Party leaders who embrace so-called same sex marriage are doing grave harm to our party and the whole of society. Let’s not forget, so-called same sex marriage is an irreconcilable difference with the Republican Party’s largest constituency—committed Christians.

So it appears you now have a choice to make. You can choose homosexuality or winning a national election before the country falls apart. Think about that before you again jump on our Facebook walls to spew anti-Christian clichés that normally come from liberals, and call the people who agree with you on all the economic and education issues you’re fighting for various nasty names. If your response to this letter is to wash, rinse, and repeat that venom you’re simply confirming our suspicions, and making it less likely that a Rand Paul could ever become president by doing so.

Those of you liberty people who understand what I’m saying also have a responsibility to police your own. By continuing to allow some within your movement to target people a Rand Paul needs to become president and share many of his principles, you are tacitly participating in this self-destruction.

My momma taught me to clean up my own mess, which is why I’m not hesitant in holding my own people accountable. Maybe you should do the same?

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  • conchfritter

    “you’re going to have to choose homosexuality or a potential Rand Paul presidency in 2016″ – – we are going to choose both. Paul believes in Federalism, like Thomas Jefferson, and the answers to these questions are handled by the States. “It will be hard enough getting the mass of social conservatives mobilized in 2016 as it is after many of them already didn’t vote for Mitt Romney.” – – Why should we be concerned about single issue voters? We can’t honor the constitution and bow down to every little interest group at the same time. Poll after poll show the majority of Christians don’t think that the government should tell people what they can and can’t do in their own home/castle. Heck, even several mainstream Christian sects will marry gays!! “Marriage is an issue they believe deeply in.” – – which shows you exactly where their priorities are with 15% real unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, several unauthorized wars (Lybia, Yemen, and soon Syria), and the near destruction of our rights and freedoms with the Patriot Act, TSA, Homeland Security, etc. etc. etc.. “Come the general election, you won’t be able to replace those voters” – – really? What about all the fiscally conservative independents, young people, women, minorities, gays, heterosexuals who support gays, immigrants, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Jews, and others you have ostracized that will follow a charismatic freedom oriented person like Paul when he replaces your ‘my invisible guy in the sky who lived 2,000 years ago is right and you are wrong’ candidate? Truth of the matter is that all of this will be a mute point once the conservative SCOTUS reverses the DOMA. You will see big names – like Justice Thomas – support Federalism and States rights before they support big government. I suppose you would be right Steve, except that your numbers are shrinking rapidly on Sunday mornings and at the voting booth while freedom and liberty supporting Americans are increasing almost exponentially. The shifting demographics are certainly not in your favor. In the end, you either support a big paternalistic far reaching federal government, or you support States rights and the constitution. You bet we are going to hold our people accountable.

  • Nathan Hall

    “Besides, 30 years ago younger generations wanted child killing on
    demand, too, when the culture was trending that way and now the younger
    you go in the Republican Party the more pro-life you are. There are lots
    of things we believe when we’re younger we don’t believe once we grow

    This paragraph makes no sense. That ‘younger generation’ from 30 years ago is now the older, more pro-choice part of the GOP. He should have said: “There are a lot of things we believe when we’re younger that our kids don’t believe once we grow up.” Big shock, that.

  • Nathan Hall

    I’m a committed Christian. The article is mistaken to the extent it assumes all Christians agree on precisely how our moral views should inform political ones, or how important politics is to our faith.

    What we all agree on is extremely simple: Jesus is perfect and he loves all human beings from the bottom of his heart. He willingly died so that all of us, even though we’re all messed up in some way, can become holy and good. He sends the Holy Spirit to comfort our wounded hearts and show us how to obey the will of God.

    As long as we’re talking about Christianity, I thought we should have some context for what it really is. Jesus isn’t a cultural movement, he’s the way, the truth and the life.

    • Wm Luke Priest

      Nathan – Your soft peddled gospel message, devoid of any mention of “sin” or of man’s fallen nature compared to Jesus’s HOLY Nature, borders on a false gospel.

      Why are we messed up? Why do we need to become holy and good?
      Why do we need to obey the will of God? All of these questions need to be answered to correctly understand Christianity and Jesus.

      The Gospel that Jesus, Paul, Peter, and the Apostles preached, and should be agreed on by all Christian’s agree on is stated simply in 1 Cor. 15:3.

      “Christ died for our sins”

  • Christian Showing

    Please let me show you my penis

  • Aaron Alghawi

    The math is irrefutable. By 2016 all large
    pop states other than perhaps Texas will be pro-gay marriage. If you go against it, you will
    lose. Even if you are Jesus himself.

    Also, math shows that young people could have shifted Ohio and Florida
    to Romney. YOU are the one who must yield, Deace; not the secular
    youth. My generation doesn’t care if the Republican Party lives or dies.
    We will go with the party that appeals most to us. That will be a
    secular party. It can be secular capitalists or secular socialists. You

    Nate Silver recently suggested Rand could win the nomination without primarily the backing of social conservatives. He just needs a plethora of moderates, libertarian Republicans, and the Tea Party. The latter two could even be enough if Rubio and Christie are fighting over the establishment and Santorum takes the dominionists.

    I grew up in Ohio. That state will NEVER elect a Santorum-style social conservative again. NEVER!

    • Islander505

      “My generation doesn’t care if the Republican Party lives or dies.”

      Hmmm….love everything you wrote Mr. Alghawi… fact I clicked on the in favor box.
      But I have one issue…the quote referenced above.

      If YOUR generation (and by association YOU) doesn’t care if the GOP lives or dies, then why are YOU so active in the REPUBLICAN Liberty Caucus?

  • Raymond

    Well, as a Christian I find this to be outright untrue. I don’t want government involved with my religion whatsoever. It’s not for the same reason as the liberals. The liberals want separation of church and state because they want religion out of there government. I want separation of church and state because I don’t want the government to have anything to do with my religion.

    Think about it. Two strangers can meet in Vegas, and get married for a couple hundred bucks by a bad Elvis lookalike. The sanctity of marriage has been in jeopardy ever since the government got involved in the first place.

    • tbuckman

      well said Raymond. As someone not a christian, I don’t want the govt involved in anyones spirituality..

  • Jesus H. Christ

    Save your letter for someone that cares. Libertarians have no oath to the Republican party, least of which social conservatives. We care about one thing, liberty. You have mistaken your own importance, again.

  • Darian

    “If your response to this letter is to wash, rinse, and repeat that venom you’re simply confirming our suspicions, and making it less likely that a Rand Paul could ever become president by doing so.” Care to disagree? Then you’re wrong. Catch-22, much?

  • Chris

    This article might possibly be the dumbest thing that I have ever read…I think the best counter to it is exactly what Raymond said earlier…he doesn’t want GOVERNMENT in his religion.

    Morality shouldn’t come from the government, it should come from people. We cant legislate people into making good choices, because that’s when freedom is sacrificed. That’s how nanny states where guns are banned and people cant get anything larger than 16oz soft drinks begin.

    You don’t have to like gay marriage, but the best way to get around the issue is turning it into a states rights issue. Each state can choose to recognize it or not then, and you don’t have to sacrifice national elections for local issues.

    Of course the Christian right doesn’t understand a simple compromise…and I know this because I have been blasted on other websites for essentially the same opinion.

    This is also why the GOP continues to lose elections…because they pander to a segment of what is now a minority party. And this minorities’ views are against the grain of popular opinion.

    So the GOP has 2 choices…reach out to the liberty movement, and convince the christian right to fight their “moral battles” on a local level, or continue to embrace the political views of a minority of Americans and continue to get their butts kicked on the national stage.

    • tbuckman

      well said sir!

  • Chris Morgan

    The reason why the government is involved in marriage is through the concept of parens patraie which literally means the state as parent. Further with churches selling out and incorporating with 501 (3) (C) charters they brought this upon themselves. You do not want to pay taxes, than give up your sovereignty, which they willfully did all for a dollar, now the churches come screaming that the world will end with gay marriage? Excuse me, oh holy ones but where were you when your savior King Bush was in charge and the republicans dominated the political scene? No challenegs to Roe v. Wade? Now the GOP is is pimping itself to the Libertarian Party? What fear tactic will the GOP use in the next election? Seriously, after watching the GOP/Dems love affair with Obama Care, the “fiscal” cliff and all the other shenanigans taking place if the Dems run out Hillary and Michelle Obama in 2016 I would vote for them just to spite the GOP! There is ZERO difference between republicant and decptocraps policies, go pimp fear somewhere else…

  • Kurt Wuckert Jr.

    Please, Christian friends, the most important thing to understand is that the state is an idol, and proximity to the state, and thereby encouragement of coercion, is a sin on at least an equal level of homosexual marriage.

    The sin of pride is the real culprit in the culture war, and while the gay pride movement has been very successful at moving into the mainstream (which is bad for society as a whole), attempts to have a tyrannical government legislate or decree acceptance or rejection of behavior is a precedent that the people shouldn’t set.

    Furthermore, the government doesn’t have the authority to do anything except enforce privately agreed upon contracts in the first place. Just like everything else, an idea with the best of intentions forced onto an unwilling populace will lead to resistance and hardening of hearts. As a Christian, I let my gay friends know that the decisions they make are their own business and they should have absolute liberty to engage in any contract relationship that they choose, but as a Christian I let them know that my only qualm with their behavior is that it separates them from the gift of God’s love and Christ’s salvation. We Christians should wish to share Christ’s love and the promise of the new heaven and earth, and those things won’t come through force of a disastrously corrupt state.

    We need to join together to encourage personal responsibility, privatization of everything and a teaching of God’s Law/Word through completely voluntary, organic ministry and leading by example of our lives.

  • J.W.

    Washed, rinsed, and repeated.

  • Islander505

    Dear Mr. Deace,

    Feel free to pick up your bats and balls and teammates and go home.
    Libertarians need Socons? Nah….especially when the SoCons, as you so ably demonstrate with this rant, are HELLBENT on a single issue. An issue who’s importance, as well as the fear of it (except for yours), is trending smaller and smaller in the big picture. If you think Libertarians are going to sell out in what is a relatively minor issue in the big picture of politics just to assuage your declining segment of the population, you are as delusional as this rant you just penned.

    We’ll do fine without you. You need us. The world is changing and maturing right before your eyes. We are the wave of the future. Time to grow up sir, and Live Free.

    Self-Destruction you say?
    Well, we’ve been watching you and the GOP perfect the concept for over a decade, we’ve learned a lot. It’s been a great education. For that we thank you.
    But we’re the Party (of Principle) that is growing by leaps and bounds now. Your party, and especially it’s members, are literally dying off.

    The Loving and Inclusive God has always had a funny way of righting the sins of his children over the course of time.

  • tbuckman

    ridiculous article. Libertarians like myself don’t care what the hell other people do in their private lives, we want a radically smaller federal govt. Neither of the donkeys or elephants will do this! the only way this will EVER happen is to break the two party system! I would rather see the dems drive us right off any cliff imaginable than vote for any major party candidate….ever! we need to start over!

  • Curtis

    I am so very tired of people making excuses for either major political party just to keep their antiquated platforms going for another four years, keeping out country in limbo, unable to wake up and grow out of our infantic societal retardation.

  • brigin

    Might not vote? That ship has sailed.

  • Scott G Wilson

    Open letter to Steve Deace:

    Dear Steve,

    Have you ever considered the fact that the reason that religious and social conservatives are the largest voting block in the GOP is because by pandering to them the GOP has successfully alienated everyone else? When you abandon concepts like limited government, non-interventionist foreign policy, and fiscal responsibility and make the parties whole platform revolve around telling people how to live their personal lives, “you are tacitly participating in this self-destruction” of the Republican Party, which if it does not change, will go the way of the dinosaurs.
    You DO believe in dinosaurs, right?

  • Harrison Dean

    Why do you assume that libertarians support homosexuality? I am a libertarian, and I believe homosexuality is wrong, but I also believe that the government should not punish it or regulate marriage in any way.