An Open Letter to GOP Mega-Donors


By Steve Deace

Dear GOP Mega-Donor,

You’re being scammed.

Contrary to what you’re being told by shakedown artists and frauds masquerading as Republican Party powerbrokers, we in the conservative grassroots are not your enemy.

We simply want the same thing you already have—prosperity and influence. Furthermore, we want you to be able to keep as much of the fruits of your labors as possible. We want you to pass it on to your children and grandchildren while you’re at it. Meanwhile, we want the ability to influence the system in order to ensure it protects and defends the freedoms and liberties that made your prosperity possible in the first place.

Your prosperity provides us jobs and puts food in our kids’ mouths.

It is not the Republican Party establishment publicly defending capitalism from statists who believe in wealth redistribution. It’s the conservative grassroots. It is not the Republican Party establishment defending the principle “the worker is worth his wages” on moral grounds. It’s the conservative grassroots.

It is not the conservative grassroots aiding and abetting Democrat schemes to impose more regulations and bureaucracy on you. It is the Republican Party establishment. It is not the conservative grassroots doing mostly nothing while Obamacare destroys your business plan. It is the Republican Party establishment.

We want you to thrive, succeed, and profit. We understand all the opportunities we have to pursue our own happiness come from you when you do. Everything we are fighting for is exactly what made you prosperous in the first place.

So why are you often working against us? Why do you continue to give resources to people who don’t share your principles? Why do you keep investing in those who provide such an awful return on investment?

Karl Rove only had a 1.3 percent success rate in 2012 on over $100 million of your money he spent. According to Rove’s financial disclosure, 50 of you gave him at least a million dollars. Given the results you received for that investment, you would’ve been better off lighting that money on fire. What would happen if you reported such abysmal results at a meeting with your investors/shareholders?

You’re being told by the establishment their candidates are “electable” but the real numbers contradict that. In 2010, the conservative grassroots went 5-2 in general elections, and in 2012 we went 2-1. That same year the GOP establishment went 0-for-8. Several of those defeats were embarrassing. What would happen if you reported such abysmal results at a meeting with your investors/shareholders?

Just two years after the conservative grassroots carried Marco Rubio to victory in the Florida U.S. Senate race, establishment candidate Connie Mack lost the same state by 13 points. Establishment candidate Congressman Pete Hoekstra won the Michigan Senate primary over Gary Glenn of the American Family Association, only to lose the general election by 20 points. The establishment lost the U.S. Senate race in red state Montana, which Mitt Romney won by 13 points. In red state North Dakota, which Romney won by 20 points, the establishment candidate who beat an Americans for Prosperity activist in the primary lost that U.S. Senate race, too. Establishment candidates Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin and George Allen in Virginia also lost.

And so on, and so on.

If conservatives are to be held responsible for blowing two winnable races in Nevada in 2010 and Missouri in 2012, how come the establishment is never held responsible for their failures, which are legion?

Just this week in my home state, my Republican governor spent some of his $4 million 2014 campaign war chest not on defeating his Democrat challenger this fall, but on defeating grassroots conservatives for control of the state party. In the end, he had nothing to show for it. If you gave him money to do this you would’ve gotten a better return on your investment by flushing that money down the toilet. Or giving it to Karl Rove, at least he got 1.3 percent!

This is the same GOP establishment that wanted Charlie Crist instead of Rubio in the U.S. Senate, and Crist has now become a gubernatorial candidate for the anti-prosperity Democrat Party.

This is the same GOP establishment that wanted Trey Grayson in the U.S. Senate instead of Rand Paul, and Grayson has now become a member of the anti-prosperity Democrat Party working to recruit new candidates for them.

This is the same GOP establishment that did everything it could to help Bob McDonnell become governor of Virginia in 2009 but didn’t help Ken Cuccinelli, a proven fighter against Obamacare, in 2013. McDonnell then signed the largest tax increase in state history and now faces 30 years in prison on various corruption charges.

This is the same GOP establishment that wanted to anoint New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the party’s next presidential standard-bearer, but according to a recent study financed in part by fellow GOP mega-donors the Koch Brothers, New Jersey is the state in the worst fiscal condition.

Would you promote or retain an employee with such an abysmal record as the Republican Party establishment, let alone give them more of your hard-earned money? Then why not hold the Republican Party establishment to the same standard?

In the 1980s we joined with you to elect Ronald Reagan President of the United States, and together ushered in one of the greatest prolonged periods of prosperity of the 20th century. We haven’t changed our values since then. If anything, we believe in them even more. But we’re wondering if you still do, because you keep wasting your resources on those who have proven to be anything but resourceful.

All of you are very smart people. You didn’t make all your money being dumb and taken advantage of. So now that you know the truth, why not join us, win, and save the republic while you’re at it? The only reason to keep opposing us now is because, well, you really do oppose us.


The American Patriot

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