Mom says child ate condom in McDonald's play area


This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

by Rebekah Maxwell


Need more proof that frequenting McDonald’s is harmful to your health?

An Illinois mother is suing the fast food franchise for medical bills after her child allegedly “ate a used condom he found in the play area of one of the chain’s Chicago restaurants.”

The mother alleges the 2-year-old coughed up a piece of the condom and that both children required medical treatment.

The suit accuses McDonald’s of failing to remove harmful debris from an area used by children.

McDonald’s said it was investigating the case. It added in a statement that “providing a safe, clean environment is a top priority.”

So many questions…

  1. What?
  2. How?
  3. Why??
  4. How can I ever look at Ronald McDonald’s visage again?
  5. WHAT???
  6.  A children’s play place = the last place I’d now let my children play. Is that irony, or just unfortunate?
  7.  Why didn’t McDonald’s address this quietly? (The mother apparently tried to settle out of court for months.) A headline like this makes them a loser automatically, no matter the outcome in court.
  8. If every piece of over-reaching, undermining, pocket-picking, culture-crushing legislation we enact is ostensibly “for the children,” why hasn’t the government been able to stop cases like this? Why are our children still in danger?
  9. What new over-reaching, undermining etc. legislation will be enacted to further this futile premise that we can all achieve our essential goodness if we’re forced…er, shown the way by Big Brother Guv’ment?
  10. How much is said legislation going to cost me?


SO many questions. Just one reaction.



  • Kami_sama_no_Otaku

    Did anyone else nearly vomit from reading this?

    Not (just) from moral outrage; just from what supposedly happened.

    I know that as a child you will eat some of the strangest things… but a used condom? I could see mistaking a wrapped condom for bubble gum if you are a small child (perhaps only because that has been a running gag since at least the “Coneheads” movie), but before I even could process the various implications and what this means about the PlayPlace… getting through the thought of a child seeing a used condom is appalling. The child (or children) touching it is disgusting, and that one ate it is both nauseating and frankly baffling.

    Plus, if this woman has any legal standing, especially after the hot-coffee-in-the-lap incident from however long ago that was, it is hard to believe McDonald’s wouldn’t settle out of court. I mean, yes even for a fraudulent lawsuit it seems like the kind of thing you just hush-up, so I feel like we really aren’t getting the full story.

    • Vunderkint

      The movie Coneheads, just remembering that scene of Dan Aykroyd chewing that condom and blowing a bubble cracked me up! But if you’ll remember they were new and in a packet, but getting back to the story something is fishy here that’s for sure.