Statement on Politico Story

“No one affiliated with our radio program has anything else to say about Herman Cain’s awkward and inappropriate comments made to our staff referenced in a recent Politico story beyond what we have already said. Sadly, those comments are no more inappropriate and awkward than Mr. Cain’s multiple positions on the sanctity of human life, his support of the TARP, his not knowing China already has nuclear weapons, and his refusal to defend marriage. The fact that someone so uninformed and morally inconsistent has made it this far in a crucial Republican presidential primary, only to finally be vetted by his personal life, is an example of why so many Americans have lost faith in the system. Instead of debating issues we debate cults of personality. This sort of personality-driven politics helped Obama get elected four years ago, and look how well that turned out.”

Steve Deace

  • Andy Alexander


    • Mac

      You will be judged Deace. By your creator. Shame, shame.

      • Jeff From Iowa

        Mac, you just judged Steve Deace….

      • Alan

        So will you Mac. And your creator isn’t the head of the RNC despite how much you may think He is.

        Being a “good Republican” doesn’t get you into heaven.  In fact you will end up the same place all the “good Democrats” will.

        Deace gives glory to GOD.   You seemed to have removed the “D” and replaced it with a “P”

  • “Michael Mann”

    “This sort of personality-driven politics helped Obama get elected four years ago.”

    Exactly.  9-9-9 is a pipe dream and it’s a pretty steep learning curve from pizza guy to Commander in Chief, yet he surges to the top.

    He is the Republican “hope” candidate.

  • Bill Hutto

    “Instead of debating issues we debate cults of personality.”

    If I were to put a bumper sticker on my car it would say, “The people we want in office aren’t running.”

    But, I’m still hoping Gov. Perry proves me wrong…

    • Alan

      Governor Perry is evil. Surely you have realized that by now?

  • The Right Scoop

    No, you don’t have an agenda do you? You make accusations that you won’t back up and then you run away.

    You really just wanted to damage his campaign didn’t you because you don’t like him. Nice. Instead of keeping it about substance, you decide to get in on the Herman Cain smear going around.

    You’ve exposed yourself. You should have been man enough to name specifics that could have been investigated. But you don’t care about facts. You just don’t want people to vote for Herman Cain.

    Nice job. 

    • Albert Bregar

      Did you even read the Politico story? It was Cain’s own campaign manager that mentioned this. It was not Steve, it was not Jen, and it was not Rebekah. Before you spout off with diarrhea of the mouth you should get your facts straight.

      • The Right Scoop

        He sent Politico an email:

        “Like awkward/inappropriate things he’s said to two females on my staff” but yet he wouldn’t expound. Why not? Are we supposed to take his word for it?

        No, I’m afraid not. But who suffers from it? Herman Cain.

        Sorry, but I’m not taking Deace’s word for it. Sadly there will be people who will.

        Mission accomplished.

        • Albert Bregar

          Please use some critical thinking skills if you would. 

          Tuesday Mark Block made a remark about this. 

          Asked by panel moderator Beth Reinhard whether he could guarantee that there’s not more information forthcoming about his past, Block began his answer with a blanket denial, followed by what seemed to be a description of an unreported recent incident involving Cain.

          Read more:

          The story was published on Wednesday.

          Furthermore, if Steve were wanting to go public with the story wouldn’t he have published it right here on this website rather than sending an email to Politico. I don’t believe that it would be a stretch to say that the email in question was a response to inquiries from Politico. What was he supposed to say, no it never happened? Was he supposed to lie to them to cover Cain’s backside?

          • The Right Scoop

            how about “I have nothing to say about the matter” or “I have no comment”?

            Those sound perfectly good to me. Had he said that, there wouldn’t be a problem.

            But you cannot make an allegation without proving the details of the allegation.

            Sorry, but I don’t believe Deace. I have no idea what he thought was inappropriate. He may have bad judgment on the matter anyway.

            The point is, he made allegations and refuses to provide the details. And the only person who gets hurt in this is Herman Cain. How is he supposed to defend against something like this? It’s like shadow boxing.

            Either don’t make allegations or provide the full details. Otherwise it’s a hit job.

          • Albert Bregar

            So according to you Steve was supposed to run interference for Cain? 
            If you knew anything at all about Steve, it is that he will not lie. If Steve says this happened, then it happened. I don’t need to hear the details. 

          • Mike Lee

            ” I don’t need to hear the details.”
            lol. How convenient. Naw, why would we need “details” (some people call them facts, btw) when accusing a man running for POTUS of inappropriate behaviour with women.

          • The Right Scoop

            Good for you. I don’t know Steve and therefore don’t trust him. I’m glad you don’t need details, but I do.

            It’s just the right thing to do when making allegations.

          • Jared Mills

            Deace as literally put his career o the line when he was one of the only media people to take on Romney in the last election. He said he would quite his job if anyone could prove he was lying about Romney’s record and that he was a RINO and a flip flopper. He has stuck his neck out for the truth several times, and yet he still stands because he was right.

            Forgive us for trusting the word of a man who has been very truthful to us for the last several years over the word of a guy who has to take several days to clarify his stance on the issues.

          • The Right Scoop

            But what good does that do Herman Cain or any voters trying to make a decision?

          • Jared Mills

            Deace has not accused Cain of sexual harassment though. He made a simple statement that Cain made some awkward and inappropriate comments towards his staff. Politico asked Deace about this after hearing it from Block and Deace answered them truthfully and has nothing further to add to it.

          • Mike Lee

            Very well said, TRS. Bravo. You are exactly right. What a low thing for Dease to do. If there is something to tell…then tell it! Doesn’t Dease owe it to all the voters? We certainly WANT to know the truth. Keeping the truth from the public, after having smeared Cain, serves only one person….Dease.

          • Anonymous

            Media was blamed for not vetting the current potus, now the “new media” can be blamed for not vetting too.


        • Anonymous

          Deace isn’t under a gag order….what is really going on here?

          The book written about this GOP campaign…is going to be epic!

    • Tad Lincoln

      Careful what you whine for?
      Be glad Deace hasn’t spilled the whole bowl of beans, he just complained a little about the odor.  Cain had 10 days to prepare a response to two major personal issues from the LATE 90s. The best he could do was tell a kndergarten lie that has now changed four times in two days. Pinocchio needs a prop to hold up that nose.

      • The Right Scoop

        I would rather know everything so that I can decide whether it is reasonable. But Steve isn’t allowing me to make that determination as a voter. He just hopes, I suppose, that I’ll take his word for it.

        Sorry, not gonna do that.

        • Greg

          I am willing to take Steve’s word for it.  Unlike the Party Establishment that you represent, Steve has never lied to me.

          Character Counts!  I know it doesn’t for you but it does for me.

        • Brian

          This is so outrageous don’t you agree?

          Especially since it is RICK PERRY who is the REAL CAD.

          He has all his life struggled with his homosexuality.  First he thought he could “self medicate” by like going to strip clubs, having sex with female hookers and stuff like that. Perhaps hoping that if his friends and political allies saw him as “aggressively heterosexual” it would give him some kind of cover. Or perhaps he was trying to prove something to himself.

          But when Geoff Conner came around he just couldn’t resist.

          I have heard rumors though that he did eventually seek REAL treatment and is now “cured”.  Well as much as an alcoholic is ever “cured”.

          If so he really should tell his story to homosexuals who want to get out  of the lifestyle as well. It could be an inspiration to them.

    • Alan

      You don’t know who Steve Deace is.  You haven’t listened to him for the past four years like I have.  He is the only talk show host, the only talk show host, who has never lied to me for the sake of the Republican party or a candidate.  I might not agree with him on Hucklebee but that’s about it.

      Oh, I have also followed you, only occasionally because party hacks make me sick.  I am tired how people like you can justify all kinds of ugly, ugly things because that person happens to be a Republican (RINO most often).  Isn’t that how we lost the House of Representatives in 2006.  People in the know kept their mouths shut about the acts of certain politicians and when the information came out people didn’t trust Republicans anymore.

      In my on personal involvement in Republican politics (before I got the hell out) I saw the  Party (again most of the time it was always a Leftist Republican) support a pimp, a drunk driver, a harrasser and after that I said I AM OUT OF THERE. 

      Don’t forget that Ted Bundy up in Washington State was a Rockefeller Republican who worked for an extremely liberal Republican governor. You even had the Republican (again RINO) Secretary of State donate to Bundy’s defense fund.

      So, yeah, I have seen people like you LIE to protect a Leftist Republican.  We all saw it in 2006 and I have seen it many many times in my Personal Life.

      Deace isn’t a Republican. He is a Conservative. And more importantly he is a Christian.  I know that’s something that you will never understand.  He has PRINCIPLE whereas you just “root for your team” and “criticize the ref ” whenever a call goes against you regardless of whether that call was correct or not.

      You make me sick.  You are why most likely a lot of people are not going to vote next year.  They might hate the Democrats, but people like you makes them hate the Republicans FIRST!

      • Jared Mills

        Well said Alan!

  • john smith

    next week this will really look like a lynching and cain WINS

  • Anonymous

    So says the smear merchant. How much did you get paid for your hatchet job?  Kind of unnerving when the victim refuses to knuckle under, isn’t it? Now you’ve got your own blood all over yourself. Go back to Romney or Perry and tell them you failed. Maybe next time you’ll get an assignment you can handle – like getting coffee from Starbucks.

    • Jared Mills

      You clearly don’t listen to Deace if you think he works for Romney or Perry.

    • Albert Bregar

      Dude, you obviously don’t know Steve. You should read the Politico story before attacking someone. Steve was content to let this drop. It was Mark Block, Cain’s campaign manager that opened this up for comment not Steve. 

  • Disappointed

    Initially you gave a very different and far more serious impression of whatever Cain said.  Now it’s only inappropriate in the same sense that his (initial, then later retracted) support of TARP is in appropriate?  You owe it to Cain either to say what really happened, or retract it and apologize, and I hope your conscience leades you to pick one of those alternatives soon.  

    • Jared Mills

      Must have taken you a lot of courage to write that “Disappointed”.

    • Albert Bregar

      What does Steve have to apologize for? Answering questions brought forth by a comment made by Herman Cain’s campaign manager? 

  • edenjac

    Liar, liar, pants on fire  –  Liar, liar, pants on fire

    • Albert Bregar

      How old are you? You sound like my little niece. Grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on you sir!

    Please have a bit of dignity and retract your previous statements and apologize for your false allegations.

    Just so you know, we know you are a Perry backer.  It does not help him to have friends like you.

    • Albert Bregar

      Roflmao. Dude, you don’t know Steve do you. You have never listened to his show have you? Let me refresh your memory for you. Here is the first that Politico had heard of this. 

      Asked by panel moderator Beth Reinhard whether he could guarantee that there’s not more information forthcoming about his past, Block began his answer with a blanket denial, followed by what seemed to be a description of an unreported recent incident involving Cain.

      Read more:

      • Anonymous

        So…Deace publishes a rant where he totally trashes Cain on policy.  He also comes out with a bizarre rant…sends it in to Politico…and says that Herman Cain harassed two of his staff.

        He used his bully pulpit to falsely accuse somebody of something horrendous.

        When pressed, his story changes (just like Politico has had to change the headlines to its Cain’s stories numerous times).  He now says that Cain was akward…just like his policy.

        Mr. Deace was not being intellectually honest.  He doesn’t like Cain.  And that is fine.  It does not give him free reign to use his pulpit to FALSELY accuse people of things they did not do.

        • Albert Bregar

          And you know this never happened how? Are you psychic? And as far as I can tell Steve did not change his story. Granted I didn’t get to listen to the show tonight. But I did read both the Politico story and Steve’s statement above.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t refute that Deace thought something happened.

            Based on what he has said, I have no doubt that Cain might have complimented his staff…maybe said they were pretty…said it more than once…is that getting close to home?

            Did he physically harm the staff?  Did he threaten them with some non-physical type of harm?  That is harassment.  It is not some slight, some slip,  some miscommunication, an akward pause, or a misplaced word or phrase.

          • Jared Mills

            I have not once heard Deace said that Cain harassed his staff. He said that he said some things that at best were “awkward and professionally inappropriate”.

          • dherik

            I thought conservatives where supposed to be above PC garbage. True conservatives can handle a little bit of flattery from the opposite sex. If someone called my wife pretty, said she looked nice in that dress, and that was it, then you know what the man complimented my wife. This politicalization of ‘sexual harrasement’ is just plain garbage.

          • Jared Mills

            Don’t comment on my comments if you aren’t even going to read them.

          • Jeff

            I agree but I also know Steve Deace, Jen Green, and  Rebekah Maxwell.  They aren’t into this PC garbage either. So whatever Herman Cain did it must have been pretty crude for Steve to feel that as a Christian Male he needed to say something about it.

            Steve Deace is as far from PC as one can get but as a Christian Male, and I mean a REAL CHRISTIAN MALE, Chivalry must come into play at times. He is also a father with daughters.

            Isn’t it better that it comes out now than for us to find out later about interns under the Oval Office Desk? Yeah Clinton got away with it but you know the Press would never allow a Republican to.

            Now, if someone can get Perry to come out of the closet.

  • Dave Kawasaki

    You’re a cowardly, back-shootin’ son-of-a-bitch.

    • Albert Bregar

      Classy, very classy. You want to blame someone for this story, blame Mark Block. He is the only reason that this was ever mentioned.

      • Anonymous

        So we (the world) are to believe, that in response to an off hand comment by a Cain worker bee, that nobody in the world was aware of…led to an unusual comment to Politico?

        • Jared Mills

          well the Cain worker bee happens to be his campaign manager, so I’d say that’s possible.

        • Albert Bregar

          What rock have you been sleeping under. Mark Block is Herman Cain’s campaign manager and the infamous smoking man from the worst political ad that I have ever seen. If you had never heard of him before, it can only be because you have had your head buried in the sand.

          • Jared Mills

            Well, I think he’s one of the people who accuses Deace of being a Perry/Romney puppet. I guess he didn’t know that Deace had a big hand in Romney losing Iowa the last time around. Shows how much the people saying that know.

            Edit: Ah, found it, he thinks he’s a Perry Puppet, even though Deace has said many many times that Romney disemboweled Perry time after time.

  • Jared Mills

    Wow … this is sad to see all these comments on this article. Deace, keep up the good fight and we know you aren’t a Perry/Romney puppet! You are right that it’s sad that Cain has made it this far with his stances (or Romney/Obama like flip flops) on the issues and I hope he will be out of this race soon. Maybe one day we’ll stop debating personalities and really talk about issues but somehow I doubt that will be any time soon by the looks of the comments here.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad that Deace isn’t talking about the issues but is rather MAKING UP SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS about a Presidential candidate.

      • Albert Bregar

        As I asked above. You know these allegations are false how? Are you psychic? Are you able to transform yourself into a fly to follow Cain around everywhere he goes? Are you that obsessed with Herman Cain that you stalk his every move?

        • Anonymous

          Look Albert, I am not at all saying that his Deace isn’t a good guy….or that his heart isn’t in the right place.

          However, I believe if you thought about it for the moment, in the issue’s proper scope and context, you would have a greater understanding.

          • Albert Bregar

            Here is how I am looking at it. Steve is under no obligation to reveal anything. He is not the one that initiated the story. That was Mark Block, Cain’s campaign manager. If he had not said anything about this to Politico, then there would be no story. 

          • Jared Mills

            Actually, you’re wrong Albert. Politico started this whole thing. I do find it interesting that everyone here seems to think that he wrote the Politico story himself.

          • Albert Bregar

            I was talking about the whole story involving Steve. Politico would most likely have never paid it any attention if Block hadn’t mentioned it during an interview. 

          • Jared Mills


          • Jared Mills

            Yes you’re right, I would see how Cain doesn’t want to defend marriage, supports sealing peoples money to give to banks as long as it’s distributed evenly, and is fine with babies from rape being murdered because he can’t impose the fact he thinks it’s murder on other people. He also lies about whether a homosexual activist who was kicked out of a gay rights group for a financial scandal while he was treasury for the group. He also has the endorsement of the leader of GOPride.

            I would also see Deace and how he’s stuck his neck out for truth more than most people in the last few years and how I remember him wanting to like Cain early on in the race. Then we actually found out about what he believes and his stance on the issues. And now a story comes out where he was mentioned in it and he says he’s not going to comment on said story and he’s being called a SOB and a “liar liar, pants on fire”. Deace has covered Cain on the issues many many times. Before you say that Deace is making this about personalities and not issues, how about you actually look up those articles and try and refute what he says there.

          • Alan

            What he is saying, you little Hobbits here in flyover country just aren’t as smart and clever as we are.

            You should just go back to growing your corn and leave the decision on who our leader should be to us.

            Just like in 2008 – Right!

        • Guest

          We don’t even know what the allegations are.  How can we say whether they’re true or false if we don’t even know what they are?  This is a hit-and-run from Steve, unbecoming of a Christian.  He owes it to Cain’s family to come clean.  How would Steve’s wife like it if somebody came out with vague accusations that he behaved inappropriately around other women?

          • Anonymous

            He’s a Christian? Then he should know better then to bear false witness. He will have alot of explaining to do and because he claims the Name above all Names, he is held to a higher standard by God.
            Hope he’s prepared for the consequenses.

          • Alan

            I hope you are.

            It’s going to get very hot for you on your day of judgment.

          • Alan

            I guess you could say that your Bible had a typo in it.

            “Oh it was a D?”  I thought it was Give Glory to GOP!”

            I Doubt our Lord and Savior is going to buy it.

          • Alan

            badbadlibs, you have no credibility here.

            SO read my LIPS, No new LIARS.

            First you gave us Bush, then his son, and THEY are supposed to be held up as examples of virtue?

            “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008


          • Alan

            He owes nothing to Cain. The people of Iowa knows Steve Deace as not only a talk show host but as a Neighbor, a Churchmember, a Friend.  He has more credibility Cain will ever have.

            And he certainly has more credibility someone calling himself only as “Guest” has.

          • Guest

            Alan, first, I live in Iowa and listened to Steve Deace quite a bit on the drive home from work (when he was on WHO in that time slot).  That’s part of why I find this particular tactic of his uncharacteristic.  It’s not like Steve at all to cower behind a veil of ambiguity like this.  If he has something to say, then he has always said it.

            Second, I didn’t say Steve owes anything to Cain; I said he owes the truth to Cain’s family, and in particular he owes it to Cain’s wife.  These are very personal allegations that Steve has made.

            Third, I’m sorry that you don’t like that I called myself Guest.  I don’t have an account at this site and have no intention of getting one.  I could have called myself something else, but I thought that Guest was a fitting name because I am a guest here.  What name would you have preferred that I call myself that would suddenly bestow credibility upon my scrawlings?

            Finally, I mean absolutely no disrespect.  This whole episode has just left me woefully disappointed in Steve.  If he’s the man I always thought he is, he will ultimately do the right thing.

          • Jeff

            Well I am kind of disappointed in you.  I would expect this from someone who has never heard of Steve Deace. I would actually understand it. But a regular listener?  Hasn’t his consistent principled stands meant anything to you?

            Steve has to protect Jen and/or Rebekah, You know how the National Press would tear them apart?  We have seen them do it before.

            Look I was all ready to shout HI TECH LYNCHING OF AN UPPERTY BLACK MAN from the hilltops, especially as it looks like it was Perry who was behind the release of the other accusers.  I consider Perry the Antichrist. Well I would consider Perry the Antichrist except I don’t think the Antichrist will be stupid and Perry clearly is.  So yeah, I was all ready to rush to Cain’s defense.

            But then I heard it was Steve Deace making similar charges. I know Steve as a man of integrity, I know Jen, I know Rebekah as women of integrity and also as women who aren’t going to get all hot and bothered if Cain happened to say they looked sexy or that they are the same height as his wife.

            Look as a male, as a REAL CHRISTIAN MALE, Steve had to come to the defense of the womanhood of Jen and/or Rebekah, And it is now that same Christian Chivalry that demands from Deace to do what he is doing now, protecting him from an unscrupulous National Press.

            Again, if you didn’t know the players I would understand your perspective, but you do and therefore yeah I am disappointed.  Steve Deace has always stood on integrity, he has always stood on principle, he has always stood on Honor no matter what the cost.

            Isn’t it time that we stand for him!

      • Albert Bregar

        Actually until the Politico story broke the only thing that Steve discussed about Cain were the issues. Go back through the archives and search for yourself. You will find that the criticisms that Steve has had with Cain had been nothing but issue related.

      • Alan

        You attack Jen Green, you attack Rebekah Maxwell, well then you are practically attacking a member of by family. And we in Iowa don’t cotton to such treatment by you slickers!

        I know in “Your America” integrity accounts for absolutely ZERO but part of what makes me proud to be an Iowan is that here it still does count! It counts for EVERYTHING!

        Will all the lies, the deceit, the name calling we have seen from you in the Republican Elite over the years, the bills to the bondage-themed West Hollywood club, Foley, and all of that, all justified in your politically hackified mind, I am just going to quote another great American who got his start in Iowan Radio and say…

        There you go again.

        Steve, we are all behind you.   Don’t let the party establishment elite get you down. We know who REALLY has our backs!

  • Beckyginlv

    If you truly thought that his comments were serious enough to warrant being made public, why won’t you now tell the “voting public” what they were?  Sounds fishy to me – maybe just trying to smear someone, or trying to get a little publicity for yourself?

  • Adam

    “Instead of debating issues we debate cults of personality.”

    No, instead of debating issues, you joined the left-wing media in piling on Cain with unsubstantiated and likely fabricated accusations of inappropriate remarks and in the process lost all credibility. I hope it was worth it, Dunce.

    • Albert Bregar

      Dude, if Steve were wanting to go public with this story he would have published it here first. The fact of the matter is that if Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, had not mentioned it during an interview Politico would have never heard about it. 

      You should face the fact that you are being played by the Cain campaign.

      • Anonymous

        Al, buddy, dude.  Deace already went public with the story.  That is why he has been getting such blowback.

        • Albert Bregar

          He went public with it after the Politico story ran. And the Politico story became a story because Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, alluded to it when asked if there were any more harassment stories lurking in the bushes. 

          • Anonymous

            Like I said above, how am I to believe this when Deace has never been mentioned in this story (besides an offhand mention by Block awhile back) until he talked to Politico?

            I understand that lots of folks are emotional right now, including the likes of Block and Deace.  Both of whom, I have no doubt are generally good guys.

          • Jared Mills

            Wait, your comment confuses me a bit. Are you putting Block on the same side as Deace on this? Because Block is his campaign manager, and just a few days ago I’m sure you were just praising him for his Cain ad where he smoked.

  • Jason

    Wow, I guess Cain is guilty then.

    I still wish people would realize how Evil Rick Perry is.  

    There has been a lot of questions raised about his personal life.  When questions like this come up time after time after time, they most often turn out true.

    Cain should go.  But then again so should Perry.  They both have been poison to this primary season.

  • Rth1024

    I’m embarrassed that you consider yourself a conservative, Steve. So far, there is no there there to these stories about Herman Cain, and you appear to have an ax to grind, so your personal point of view has little credibility. You really have embarrased yourself.

    • Jared Mills

      Really? I thought the person who was saying liar liar pants of fire was embarrassing themselves.

    • Alan

      Steve considers himself a Christian.  And you are a party hack.  I believe the citizens of Iowa know who to trust on this.

  • Albert Bregar

    Some of these “Cainiacs” bear an uncanny resemblance to the Obama zombies.

    • Anonymous

      How should Conservatives to respond to the false allegations that Deace put out to Politico and the rest of the media?

      Deace’s current “story” is much different than the original version.  Is it fair for Deace to publicly attack somebody…then say…”sorry…I’m not providing any more info…I’m changing up what I originally said.”

      How would you react if somebody make such an allegation about you?

      • Albert Bregar

        I hate to say it, but you seem to have Obama syndrome. It’s symptoms include and inability to rationally look at any information that is released that may or may not oppose your chosen candidate. 

        As far as I can tell, Deace has not changed his story. I have read both the Politico article and the statement above. 

        Additionally Deace did not publicly attack anyone. Please reread the Politico article. Cain’s campaign manager was asked on Tuesday whether Herman Cain had any more harassment stories lurking in the wings ready to see the light of day. In response, Mr. Block alludes to this story. Politico does some digging, finds out what radio host Mr. Block was talking about. Politico contacts Steve for a statement. Steve gives them one. He had stated that he was not interested in going public with this information. But when he was asked about it by Politico he had to tell the truth. What would you have him do, lie? Are you that heavily invested into Cain emotionally that you would ask a man to compromise on his integrity?

      • George

        You obviously don’t live in Iowa.  The people of Iowa know and trust Deace and your attacks upon him (as well as his staff who we all know and trust as well)  just makes them loathe the party establishment elite more than they do now.

        “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008

        The “Republicans” who are defending Cain now are the same “Republicans” who tried to cover up what Mark Foley was doing.

        They really don’t have any more integrity than the Democrats.

    • Tad Lincoln

      The 3rd woman has come forth. How many more? Grow up. You are backing an uneducated player.

      • Jared Mills

        To be fair she’s probably just jumping on the band wagon to get some money. That seems to be what happens when something like this happens. However there is a chance that she is in the same boat as the first two women.

  • Mike Lee

    Obviously Deace is biased and does not like Cain. Sounds like a hypocritical, self-righteous, religious zealot. Putting that aside, to bring this up and NOT say exactly what happened is about as low as you can get. You smear a man, ruin his reputation, but don’t have the decency to make the charge? You are a coward, sir. Especially if Cain *IS* guilty of harassment, don’t you owe it to those who support him, those who don’t, and women in general?

    • Jared Mills

      You’re assuming that Deace is accusing Cain of sexual harassment against his staff. He is not. He said that he said some awkward and professionally inappropriate things.

  • Sarah Lee

    You all are actually arguing over what Steve Deace said?!! Steve is a Monkey’s Butt…plain and simple. He’s not worth time and surely not believable. You can get more accurate information from The Onion. Steve is just entertaining and that’s it…other than that…you all are wasting precious air.

    • Alan

      Sarah what you don’t get is the nature of of Iowa. Yeah, you might not know the guy who is in the apartment next you in your building in New York, but in Iowa everyone considers themselves neighbors, almost family.

      Steve Deace is not merely a talk show host, he is our neighbor, our fellow church goer, indeed our friend.

      You attack Steve Deace, you attack Jen Green, you attack Rebekah Maxwell well you might as well attack a member of my family because that is how it makes me feel. And that is how most Iowans feel about it!All these attacks just kind of confirm that Cain has something to hide.  Remember how the Republican Elite attacked Foley’s accusers.  Oh, I do.

  • Robert Dittert

    The last time I checked, this is still the United States of America. The Constitution guarantees that the accused has a right to know his accuser and all charges against him. The burden of proof in any accusation is ALWAYS on the accuser, not the accused. Either list the specifics or don’t say anything. Quit being a hater or if you really have something that is that damaging put out there.

    I find it very interesting that when Herman Cain was a nobody we didn’t hear anything about him but now that he is leading in the polls accusers pop out of the woodwork. Didn’t we see this movie already? Remember Clarence Thomas? Why is it that when a conservative black man starts to rise, we all of a sudden start hearing about his sordid past?

    You are no better than the regular media that you so disdain by saying these things without giving the details. Either put up or shut up. Or better yet, keep your mouth shut to begin with.

    • Alan

      I thought we were in a New World Order.

      Isn’t that what your friend Georgy Podgy called it?

      Party Elite mad at all these little Iowan Hobbits, huh?  My “Precious”. What have you done with my Precious?

      “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008

    • George

      Oh, you elitist, party hack, Rockefeller, Leftist Republican types.

      So sophisticated aren’t we sitting at our country clubs.  When did yours allow Blacks?   The one in my community (which of course I could never afford to join even if I wanted to) did it in 1995.

      I actually had one of your types come up to me today (even though I had been trying to avoid him for a year) and said, Why are you being so hard on my man Cain (I guess that was him trying to mimic “street talk”)  Don’t you know he ain’t mean nothing.  It’s just how those people talk! Don’t make no mind about it.

      WHAT! I SCREAMED at him. Weren’t you the one who called me RACIST because I was against illegal aliens having in state tuition!   You are the Racist. You and your whole country club wing of the Republican.

      You Robert you are the racist. Not us who believe in a strong border!

      You make me sick Robert. So you think “oh, that’s just Cain bein’ black”.  You are the Racist here not me!

      You were probably one of those Republicans who was so excited about Condoleezza Rice. Same guy came up to me a few years back. Wow, what do you think of Condi Rice, a black, and woman and she is pretty smart, isn’t that amazing? 

      Are you saying that it’s weird or somehow rare to find a black woman who is actually smart? No that doesn’t surprise me like it seems to you.

      No, we don’t see people as tokens as you do Robert. We don’t lower our expectations of behavior like you do Robert.  Because we aren’t racist like you are Robert.

      But.. But… Some of your best friends are.. Right Robert.

      Yeah, I know YOUR TYPE!

  • Chris H

    @Albert Bregar…  Critical thinking skills huh????  A quick internet search, in an attempt to determine why Block mentioned something Tuesday about “hearing” from an Iowa radio host produced this….

    “On Monday, Deace posted a message on his Facebook page that Cain had “said things to both of my female staffers that at best are professionally awkward if not inappropriate over the last several months.”  From the following story:

    Apparently it was DEACE who threw this out first… And is in fact now hiding from it like a coward…  Not very Christ-like I’d say…

    Was it beyond your critical thinking skills to at least think of checking where the story actually originated from before your post?

    Also..  If he was merely responding to Politico, you say.. “What was he supposed to do?”  While now giving him a pass on claming up.  Well if he’s not prepared to provide specifics and at least some measure of proof.. should have he not merely said “No comment” from the get go?  ( As the coward is doing now that the heats on?  )  Potentially smearing a man with a vague innuendo then running when pressed for details.. is that also something Christ would do?

    You and Deace are not only hippocrites… You’re not consistent in your logic.
    It’s posers like Deace who give true strong courageous Christians a bad name…

    • Alan

      Damn you Hobbits. Don’t you know your place.

      Who do you in flyover country think you are thinking you should have anything to say about who our next leader is.

      Go back to your Cows and Corn.

      Right, Chris H.  That’s what you really mean!

    • Albert Bregar

      The Politico story made no mention of Steve’s Facebook post. It only commented on Mark Block’s statements alluding to Steve. So it wasn’t Steve that told Politico initially, it was Block that informed them. 

      You continuously call Steve a coward, you obviously don’t know the man. There are few people out there that are more courageous. But of course I am sure you would know much about that now would you.

  • Anonymous

    Deace You’er an opportunist among other things . You saw a chance to smear Cain and get some free publicity for yourself . It was a cheap shot throwing out allagratioms without any facts , without any statement form the “harassed” . I have to wonder if someone like you even knows what sexual harassment is . It seems to me if you saw anything you saw what you wanted to see out of a man you obviously don’t like in the first place .

    • Alan

      You don’t know Steve Deace.

      The people of Iowa do and they know he has the highest integrity.

      So you attacking him, you attacking Jen Green, you attacking Rebekah Maxwell is only going to rile up us “Hobbits” even more.

      Go back to Mordor!  Your “Precious” has been revealed for what he really is!

      • Anonymous

        Wow , really ? Are you 12 ?  I can see you favorite move is lord of the rings so why don’t you stick with that and leave this to the grown ups , Ok ?

  • Baxter Woofs

    Hey Steve, go have sexual relations with yourself in the bad place! And, you are a mother-sexual-relations-er! Is that inappropriate enough for you and your staff?

    • Albert Bregar

      Now that was mature. 

      (And in case you are too dense to understand that was typed with sarcasm)

      • Jared Mills

        Well, to give them credit, at least they didn’t have their listed name as “Disappointed”

  • Paul Zummo

    The blind Cain defenders aren’t helping to make the case that his campaign isn’t all about a cult of personality.  Please.  We conservatives can do better than try to emulate the Obama debacle.

  • whttevrr works

    Whoa… The GOP is imploding and feeding on their own.

    • Jared Mills

      Or it’s trying to purge itself of the RINOs and wolves within the herd.

  • Anonymous

    I am a born again Christian, I’ve never heard your program, since I am out of your listening area.  I have, however, listened to Bob Enyarts radio program on KLTT 670 AM Denver, where he has interviewed you.  Christians always want the truth, what I have read above is CYA.  You have stood rock solid for the pro-life personhood movement as far as I’ve heard, but from what I’m hearing you have defamed a person due to an instance where known FACTS are not complete.  If I am wrong, I will apologize, will you do the same?  Or will your pride & fear of ratings loss, prevent you?   We shall see.  As a Christian, I know we will never have a perfect candidate that I can support until I RUN, but since I refuse, I need the second best.  I need to know as much about the person who I vote for, warts & all.  As an aside, in alot of races, I write in my name rather than having to give an answer to my God.  Thus far, Alan Keyes has been my best candidate, other than the fact I need a dictionary while listening to or reading his speeches.

    • Jared Mills

      You are wrong. Deace has never said that the politico story was true. He stated that Cain has not be truthful often in the past. He stated that Politico has always acted professionally to him in all his experience and never misquoted him. He felt that as a Christian he need to state this about the very news group that is being attacked. He has also stated that Cain made professionally inappropriate comments to his female staff members. He never stated that Cain is guilty of what he’s been accused of, he has merely looked at the facts and presented them.

      • Anonymous

        FACTS?  What facts?  This whole story reeks of the National Enquirer.  OK, they were right once, & maybe Cain did do something untoward, OR MAYBE HE DIDN’T, and his company settled because its cheaper than going to court & getting an OJ or Casey Anthony jury.  Everybody knows that our sin will find us out & thats good, but I want to make my decision with all the facts, not the dirty politics.  And it is getting dirtier with every election.  I’m giving both of my brothers the benefit of the doubt, but again I see CYA, in the Steve Deace press release above.

        • Jared Mills


          1) Either the National Restaurant Association paid these women who made
          the charges against Cain to go away or they did not. That is not a
          disputable fact. It’s either true or it’s not.

          2) The National Restaurant Association has refused to comment on the story.

          3) The story by Politico is actionable if it’s not true. It’s clearly
          defamatory if incorrect. Cain is welcome to use the legal process to
          clear his name, as well as the court of public opinion.

          4) Cain’s wife is nowhere to be found on the campaign trail.

          5) Cain has already said publicly he won’t defend marriage as president
          and has refused to sign either the Family Leader or National
          Organization for Marriage pledge.”

          Those are the facts that Deace talked about. This is the assumption that he drew from it:

          “If all of the above facts were applied to a Democrat, most of the people
          complaining about a smear campaign against Cain would be saying the
          exact opposite, and demanding a thorough explanation from that candidate
          or for that candidate to get out of the race.”

          • Anonymous

            Again, very few facts but lots of innuendo.  What does his wife have to do with his running, where is anybodies spouse in this race?  That is ancillary, unless YOU are trying to make something out of it.  I fear the Hilary, Michelle factor more than any mans stay at home wife.  I haven’t made up my mind about anybody.  LIFE is first & foremost with me, ending abortion is not going to come from the top, it must come from the individual heart/voter.  From what I’ve heard, Cain is close enough that he can be brought all the way across the finish line for me.  I could go with Bachmann, or Santorum, Perry very questionable, Romney never. Again, you are defending your guy, I don’t know him, & all I can go on making a decision is what I hear & read by people I do know, people who I can trust.  Not very Christ like to assume the worst of anyone (brother or not) without giving the person the chance to get the legal FACTs out.   The problem with Christianity & especially conservatism is that we kill or seriously maim our own first.  But I’ll bet it helps the ratings.

          • Jared Mills

            On the first point, the spouse is everything. Every guy struggles keeping their mind pure. There are temptations everywhere, and if you have your wife with you, it is a lot easier to keep yourself in check. Granted, some people don’t even care about that, but the point is true. Also, your spouse is who you go home to every night, and if she is a super liberal, your decisions will also be affected by that. Example: George W. Bush. Now, from what I know, his wife has a heart condition that prevents her from joining him on the campaign trail, so I understand that.

            His conclusion is simply saying that if Herman Cain had a D by his name, we would be demanding him to explain himself. If this story came out about Romney, we would be demanding him to explain himself. Herman Cain has shown not to be the most reliable person in the world when it comes to what he says. Also, Cain has not really shown he’s all that conservative, since he’s not really willing to defend two cornerstones to our believes: Life and Marriage.

          • Jeff

            You have to admit though the Clarence Thomas thing plays into it. We don’t want them to get away with that again.

            At least that is what I was thinking before I heard that it was Steve, Jen and Rebekah making the charges.

            So, the thing is unfortunately I know where personhoodco is coming from. The same place I would be coming from if I wasn’t aware of the integrity of Steve, Jen and Rebekah.

          • personhoodCO

            I’m going to try one more time, You know your guy, I don’t.  I may hit his site for archived programs, because as I noted previously, I listen to Bob Enyart Live, & he has always spoken highly of this Deace guy.  But & I must state I’m only going or heresay)(like theres a lot of thatgoing on here) that to pass on dirty politics & then say I & my staff will have nothing more to say is pure hypocrisy.  Jesus had alot to say about that too.  Or as I stated before CYA. 

            But we can agree on one thing (I hope)   YES on MS #26 

          • Jeff

            If you really care about personhood you would support Deace.  Look I know where you are coming from but in this case you happen to be wrong. I get your line of thinking, it was mine too, but it is wrong.

            Perhaps if you listened to this show daily like I have you would know what kind of people Steve Deace, Jen Green, and Rebekah Maxwell are.

            But no, I get where you are coming from because I was leaning that way myself.

            But these people, this talk show, have the highest amount of integrity I have ever seen. If they say there’s something wrong, then yeah I will believe them.

            All of his shows are archived.  Listen to a few of them.  You will be surprised how impressed you are.

            That is if you are concerned about Personhood and you are not a RINO.

          • personhoodCO

            This is just too much now, first with the wife innuendo, (wives do not sit in on meetings of their husbands unless they are part of the business) & to HINT that I am not concerned about personhood or that I am a RINO plant!  I’m done with you. 

  • Bob Eschliman

    You know what I find incredibly odd in all of this is that folks like The Right Scoop, CPAGuy, and Adam haven’t commented on Craig Robinson’s “hit piece” at The Iowa Republican. I mean, he goes point by point and shows how Herman Cain lied through his teeth about this whole situation… where’s your outrage over there?

  • Jeff From Iowa

    Steve, I pray for you and the two ladies who work for you. I believe I know them and they are ladies of great integity. The smearing has already begun by people who are committing great sins against you and your employees. I ask those of you, who will put your fingers in your ear so that you will not hear the truth and instead spout out nasty comments about Deace, etc., that you look at the sins that you are committing.

  • George

    I think it’s funny going after Cain on something like this after all we have heard here in Texas about our boi Rick Perry.

  • Brian

    Wow, not saying this is true but I guess the RUMOR is out there and that of course is what is important…

    A Texas RINO Governor named Perry
    Got caught bedding his State Secretary
    But his wife couldn’t handle
    The thought of a gay scandal
    Like Idaho’s “wide stance” Senator Larry!

    Perry talks about straight Texas Honor
    But he fell for a guy named Geoff Conner.
    His wife was disgraced
    That she’d been displaced.
    Seems Rick spent more time off her than on her!

    • Albert Bregar

      Dude, your are showing you low level of intelligence here. I suppose that I need to do the leg work for you since you are too lazy to do even the slightest search on an issue you know absolutely nothing about. 

      Here is one:

      And another:

      And yet another:

      And another:

      Read those and then try to make your ill informed claim that Steve is a Perry supporter.

  • Sparky the Wonder Dog

    All righty! Tell us how you really feel!!

  • Seth Austin

    Steve Deace is a weirdo with a dirty mind. Apparently Cain smiled and said hello to his secretary and that was too close for comfort for this moron. 

    Moralizing zealots like Deace are usually the type who are into all kinds of deviant porn or even homosexual liaisons with other men — or in some cases, boys. If I had a choice between leaving my young kids with Steve Deace or with Herman Cain, I like most normal, rational people would choose Cain.

    Deace, put up or shut up. And just be thankful that no one’s investigating your background. I’m sure your closet is bulging with skeletons.

    • Brian

      Agreed. After we know his Idol Rick Perry is into Gay Sex!  His wife caught her in bed with the Texas Secretary of State (a man namedGeoff Connor). She was really thinking about divorcing him but just like with Hillary, the power of remaining wife was just too appealing.  He has been planning his run for President for a long time now and if he fails no doubt his wife will divorce him.

      • Albert Bregar

        The idiocy continues. If you have never listened to Steve’s show then you should quit making wild eyed accusations. Steve has repeatedly criticized Perry numerous times on his show. But of course I wouldn’t expect you to know that since you are just a Herman Cain troll.

  • desmarsol

    Steve Deace congratulations you have achieved your 15 minutes of fame.

  • Bob Eschliman

    Another question I have for the Cainiacs who have decided to stand by their man: For agrument’s sake, let’s just say, “You’re pretty” is the WORST thing Herman Cain said to one of the women who works for Steve. Bearing in mind this occurred with a man who is about to be interviewed about his candidacy for President of the United States, when would that ever be anything other than “awkward and inappropriate” in a conversation?