Rick Perry vs. Rick Perry


On Friday morning, our very own Rebekah Maxwell got an opportunity to do something few in the media have had the chance to do at one of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign stops — ask him a serious question about his own record.

Given Perry’s answer, it calls into question either Perry’s truthfulness or whether or not he even knows his own record.

In the exchange, Maxwell asks Perry about his support for the controversial 2008 bank bailout known as the TARP, a hugely unpopular move that eventually launched what is now known as the Tea Party movement. Perry responds by saying he never supported the TARP and that Maxwell is mistaken.

Maxwell asked this question of Perry because contrary to his own assertion he never supported the big-government boondoggle, there is ample evidence to the contrary which says in fact he actually did.

That is just some of the clear evidence indicating Perry did indeed support the TARP, despite his denials to Maxwell. Perry, you’ll recall, hosted an event called The Response in his native state of Texas back in August, which urged public repentance to Jesus Christ as our savior for our sins as a nation.

Would lying be considered an act worthy of public repentance? At the very least, for “Fed Up” voters it certainly requires a “response” from Governor Perry.

  • http://kaldenbergconsulting.com/ Brian Kaldenberg

    Test comment.

  • juliet

    love rick perry-stop down grading him, obama is worst; destroy america. solendra loan 547 million dolars from the tax payers money.

    • Ray

      Buahahaha.. you’re an idiot, or do you want a lying sack of shit that is going to rob yo blind and sell your kids lives to big Pharma?!?!?!

    • JDL

      Rick Perry “down grades” himself. Why do people who consider themselves conservatives want to keep pretending their RINO neocon candidates are something they are not? Pick a real conservative and get behind them!

    • Philobotmojoy

      Anybody is better than Obama? MAN! You’re just asking for it.

      • Angelina

        Ron Paul 2012 … he’s the only one who won’t ‘sell out’

        • J2

          Wait, didn’t Republicans spend all of the 2004 campaign telling me that those who opposed the Iraq war were unpatriotic?  This excludes Ron Paul from serious consideration as a Republican, then, I guess?

        • Anonymous

          can’t sell what he’s already sold…

    • Angelina

      Take a good listen to Ron Paul .. he is the only candidate running for Pres. will not sell out.

      • Jeff

        Yet is seems like Russia Today, the voice of the Russian Government, is supporting Ron Paul.


        • Anonymous

          Can you say ‘sell out’?

          • tad2002

            It’s because they don’t have the big-money bias that the media has in this country.  Over there they see a simple man who is consistent in his policies, who could add some stability to this country.  HELLO!!!  They can see from so far away what most idiots in America can’t see right in front of their faces…..sad isn’t it. 

      • rcountry1

        I’ve heard this guy. And he may not sell out for money, but he will sell out. Sell your children on heroin and sex, sell out our friends and allies around the world, would probably sell that nuke to Iran who wants it so bad. He makes these comments on national tv in the debates, and we are supposed to trust him with national security? His policy is “Why have it?” He is an even bigger America hater than O and the DuNCe party is. This guy scares me worse than O, because he thinks Mr. Nice Guy works. He is the poster boy for not only term limits, but mandatory age limits, too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247616156 Jared Mills

      Harry Reed, Clinton (both of them), Arlen Specter, and many others could all argue that they’re not as bad as Obama. Would we accept them as the Republican candidate? We cannot settle for just “better than Obama”.

    • Anonymous


  • Agstover

    I love potato salad. Roast beef is worst. Destroy my stomach. Make me throw up 547 milliliters from my stomach fluids. 

    Your logic is immaculate as to why we should choose him. I love the empirical way you’re approaching the choice of our nations leaders. Why worry about silly things like platforms and track records? 

    Ron Paul 2012.

    • Jeff

      Could you please explain to me why the Russian Government loves Ron Paul so much?

  • http://profiles.google.com/dixiepassion DIXIE PASSION

    Governor Gardisil is at very least owned by big pharma.and god only knows who or what else

  • http://www.facebook.com/arlin.carlson Arlin Carlson

    Perry andthe truth arre two incomplatible things. We have more thanenough solid eveidence of perry’s support of theTARP act..and no less jiong with his DEMCRATIC counter part in support of the Bail out.
    Now we can ask which Rick Perry do youlike: the one that put partisanship aside for the good of the counrty-or the Rick Perry who  lies for partisan advantafge.
    For me paerr ythe liar is a total nonsarter..

  • Keno_03

    So Perry we have already determined that you are a whore,,,, All that remains is determining the price

    • doctor011

      Please take 5 minutes to get past the MSM mind control, And the use of Plastic Presidential candidates with no respect for you ,,,,use the internet and research Ron Paul .You will determine he has and will always be an HONEST and PRINCIPLED MAN , someone not unlike Martin Luther King  IMHO. Someone that deserves your vote. Ron Paul a man that is willing to give his all,,,,, for your freedom

  • Tom Hoefling

    He also supported “cut, cap, and balance,” which would have raised the debt ceiling by $2.4 TRILLION dollars.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247616156 Jared Mills

    Well, that’s the last straw. I probably wasn’t going to vote for him but now I will not after this. I’m not going to stand to have someone who wants to be the President lie to our face like this. If he just said, “I did, but I was wrong, sorry” or even “I did and I still believe in it”, I would still not vote for him most likely, but I would at least respect that he’s being honest. T-paw, Romney, Perry–they’re all politicians. We can and must do better than that.

  • Anne10127

    Keno- he already told us the price is definitely more than $5,000. More than the US can afford I think:-)

    Ron Paul all the way!!