Rick Perry vs. Rick Perry


On Friday morning, our very own Rebekah Maxwell got an opportunity to do something few in the media have had the chance to do at one of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign stops — ask him a serious question about his own record.

Given Perry’s answer, it calls into question either Perry’s truthfulness or whether or not he even knows his own record.

In the exchange, Maxwell asks Perry about his support for the controversial 2008 bank bailout known as the TARP, a hugely unpopular move that eventually launched what is now known as the Tea Party movement. Perry responds by saying he never supported the TARP and that Maxwell is mistaken.

Maxwell asked this question of Perry because contrary to his own assertion he never supported the big-government boondoggle, there is ample evidence to the contrary which says in fact he actually did.

That is just some of the clear evidence indicating Perry did indeed support the TARP, despite his denials to Maxwell. Perry, you’ll recall, hosted an event called The Response in his native state of Texas back in August, which urged public repentance to Jesus Christ as our savior for our sins as a nation.

Would lying be considered an act worthy of public repentance? At the very least, for “Fed Up” voters it certainly requires a “response” from Governor Perry.