New York to Iowa: Why I Traveled to Help Michele Bachmann


by Irv Pollack

I am a native New Yorker. I was raised in the city, but now live in a nice suburb, about 30 miles from Manhattan. I have a Manhattan-based friend who has a particularly aggressive form of cancer, which an experimental treatment is helping him battle successfully. He’s referred to by the nurses at his treatment center as a “miracle.” Just over two weeks ago, I drove him to his weekly chemotherapy session at an oncology center near my home. Whenever we get together, we talk about the many things that we have in common, which could be categorized as “traditionalism.”

The subject of Michele Bachmann’s campaign came up. I had been a very early supporter of Congresswoman Bachmann and I was saying to everyone I knew, “She is the only real conservative in the race,” perhaps before her campaign started using the phrase. We were lamenting the fact that the polls were reflecting the media’s treatment of candidates. Why weren’t the folks in Iowa responding to her the way we thought they should and would? We shared many ideas on what we thought would be good ways for her campaign to regain her top position as the Iowa Straw Poll winner. It was a good discussion.

Later, after dropping him off, I was caught in traffic heading back to Long Island and had a lot of time to think about what had just been said. Things were rolling around my mind and a lightning bolt hit me. “I’m going to Iowa, to campaign headquarters, and I’ll share this talk we just had, because they need to hear the things we just said. Michele Bachmann must be our next president, I thought. If I don’t DO something, I’ll always regret it. I’ve got to go.

In the ensuing days, I found everything I could get my hands on related to her speeches, appearances and debates. What I learned was that Michele and her campaign were doing a much better job than I had given them credit for, and I found a much deeper understanding of who Michele Bachmann was. What hubris on my part to think I was going to walk in with “the answers.” She’s great, they’re great! Should I still go? Would I speak to anyone who would pass on my ideas to Michele?

“Yes, I have something to offer. The nation conceived of and created by our Founding Fathers is going out of existence and must be saved. Only Michele Bachmann’s leadership can do that. The other people in the race will only slow down the pace of the Liberal, leftist march. They all have major disqualifying policy flaws, and they’re all politicians. They all make deals betraying principles. In short, they all have been corrupted to some extent. Michele has not been corrupted. She is the true citizen legislator envisioned by our Founders. She is driven by her Christian core, which keeps her from becoming tainted. This nation was designed to be governed by and inhabited by a moral people.

So, I made my travel plans. Not being a man of great means, a retired school teacher who gets a decent pension, I booked a flight to Chicago and rented a car to go on to the Des Moines area. I traveled most of the day on Tuesday the 13th. On Wednesday, the 14th, I showed up at the campaign office not knowing what to expect. I opened the door and standing right in front of me, I recognized the national campaign manager from pictures I had seen on the net. “You are just the man I came a long way to see.” He looked at me quizzically, and so began a conversation that bypassed anything I had imagined.

I was introduced to various people working in the office and one wonderful woman asked if I’d like to come to an event that evening where Michele would be speaking, the premiere of a new documentary film produced by the pro-life movement called “The Gift of Life.” It was a terrific event in so many ways. The best part was getting to meet and mingle with some of the people of Iowa. I also learned about Steve Deace’s website, and I realized that I could serve Michele’s cause by writing about my journey in this widely read venue.

So here I am. I’ve taken a long time by way of introduction to get to the meat and potatoes of this essay. Why should you and your friends vote for Michele in the caucus on January 3?

I’m going to approach this not on the basis of particular issues or what I have referred to as the fatal flaws in the other candidates. Let’s look this election in another way.

Conservatives need to ask, “What are the liberals’ principles? What are the ends that liberals seek? What is the point at which they will no longer have grievances against America? If conservatives ask those questions, the answer will be something like this: Liberals will only be satisfied when historic America is eliminated! How are they eliminating historic America? Think about the changes that have and are taking place. Many states now sanction homosexual marriage. The military is now actively recruiting open homosexuals. We have opened our borders so that our very sovereignty is in question. We are told the lie that Americans don’t want to do the jobs that illegals are taking from them. Abortion continues at staggering numbers as if it were “peachy keen.” We have double standards everywhere to try to ensure equality of outcome. Merit is no longer the primary factor in advancing one’s education or career. We do not acknowledge the absolute incompatibility of Islamic law (Sharia) with our way of life. We are destroying the American family by rewarding illegitimacy. Spending is obscene and has to end somewhere in a train wreck for our children and grandchildren. Our major institutions (academia, the media giants, education, advertising, Hollywood, etc.) bombard us with relentless propaganda, casting an almost impenetrable veil over our eyes and minds. These people are “one worlders” who think that man is perfectible if we only would let them run things.

If conservatives would identify the true liberal agenda in this way, and oppose it, then conservatism would mean something. Mainstream conservatives never make this point because it would show that liberals and conservatives have no common ground, which would further mean that the American system, based on the assumption that we all share the same basic loyalties and principles, is gone. Conservatives’ main function is to uphold and preserve the American system. Therefore, conservatives cannot afford to identify what it really is that liberals really believe. TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN SYSTEM, THEY MUST HELP THE LIBERALS CONCEAL WHAT LIBERALISM IS REALLY ABOUT! In short, conservatives, in order to carry out their mission of preserving and defending the American system, must conceal the fact that the liberals’ mission is to destroy the American system. Crazy isn’t it?

Michele Bachmann is the most prominent person in America who instinctively understands this is the root of our problems. She may not be so blunt as to put these ideas this directly, but I believe her motivation comes from a pure heart. She inspires an incredible confidence in me because I see in her a fierce passion for what is right and good. She’s intelligent, courageous and tireless. She will surround herself with the right people to set this nation back on the right course. Her goal is to stop what I call the “leftist march.”

Why is there a leftist march? Why must our system be replaced? It all goes back to slavery! In the liberal mind, the sin of slavery can never be expunged regardless of what we do. Most of the country supported what could be referred to as “the second reconstruction,” a period roughly between the years 1954 (Brown decision) and 1968 (civil unrest not seen before). The juggernaut started by the civil rights movement expanded its tentacles to embrace feminism, homosexuality, open borders and the PC suppression of any real discussion of any issue related to the protected “victim” groups. The left has determined what we can or can’t say and how we should say it! We are living in what I have termed “a reign of fear” that prevents us from speaking our true opinions lest we put our livelihoods in jeopardy.

But you already know all this. I’m repeating it because Michele Bachmann is the only candidate on the right who is not compromised. You have been involved in a very important campaign here in Iowa so you know what the candidates have been saying. Listen even more carefully in these final weeks. You will hear that they each have at least one Achilles heel in some important area. They are all good men, and I’d vote for any of them in a heartbeat compared to the alternative. But listen to Michele intently. She gets it! She’s all in on every idea I have mentioned. We have been blessed by her emergence, in this time of our greatest need.

On Thursday, I drove back to the airport in Chicago and my flight was delayed. After hanging around for what seemed like forever, I decided to go over to the bar and have a scotch. When I ordered, the bartender told me I had to show my I.D.

“WHAT??? I’m a 63-year-old man. I don’t look like I might be 21. Stop pouring, forget the drink. I’ll do without it and you’ll lose the business. It’s the only way I can push back against this insane government regulation and control. If everyone else wants to be a lemming and comply, so be it. I’m saying no!”

I am asking you to say no to compromise and capitulation. I am asking you to vote for the person who will fight to save traditional American beliefs. You folks here in the Heartland can send a loud message to America. We’ve had enough and we’re not going to take it anymore.

The other night at the premier of “The Gift of Life,” I heard the most moving and appropriate rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that I had ever heard, sung by a lovely young lady named Stacie Stoelting: ”O say, does that star spangled banner still wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I thought to myself before the pastor began his prayer, “I hope the people of Iowa know what is at stake here. Will they be brave enough to help keep us free?”

Irv Pollack is a native New Yorker, a retired educator, and a Michele Bachmann supporter.

  • Flojoez

    Mr. Pollack is a friend of mine and when he says something you can take it to the bank

  • Alan Roebuck

    Mr. Pollack has identified the basic problem: Liberals are
    trying to destroy America, and most conservatives just want to slow the
    destruction. They don’t mind the wrecking ball, as long as it doesn’t make too
    much noise.


    I’ve had a sense that Mrs. Bachmann is the candidate who
    understands this best, so she’s my preferred candidate.

  • merri

    I am with you 100%…. Love my DAD

  • rjligier

    Why Bachmann and not Santorum? You say he supported the candidacy of Arlen Spectre, I say he made a gentleman’s agreement to obtain Spectre’s vote to put Alito/Roberts on the US Supreme Court. The true federalist/conservative is Rick Santorum as the homosexuals/bisexuals within the Republican and Democrat Party made it perfectly clear regarding their irrational hatred towards him. If Michele Bachmann and her spouse were on the homosexual plantation, she would be higher in the pushpolling consisting primarily of social liberals.

    • Meredith

      Santorum has no solid economic plan and as important as social issues are, so is the economy.

  • Anonymous

    I thank Mr. Pollack for venturing on his “expedition” and for his summary here of what’s at stake.

    And his spontaneous one-person-strike against Leviathan at the O’Hare bar was a bit of inspiration I’ll try to remember and follow.

    Regarding one of the subjects Mr. Pollack raises, everyone should read, and then distribute, an article “A Real Islam Policy for a Real America” that you’ll find at this link:

  • JJ

    Once Bachmann dipped way down in the polls, the media applied a swift blackout. She garners barely a mention these days even though she truly does represent a bit of actual conservatism. Who would have thought it possible in a pool of GOP candidates? When she was a name in this race, the press was vicious. She was deeply feared by the left. Now our all powerful mainstream media is laughing it up after another job well done. The drones were redirected as they have been time and time again. Blacks and women are propped up sky high UNLESS they are conservative. Then they get condemned, disrespected, and lied about. 

    This article needs to be shared with a wide range of Iowans in as many forums as possible. Mr. Pollack’s devotion is an inspiration. If more people got wind of his journey and had some guts to get behind THEIR candidate, this country might just stand a chance. Otherwise, we can all just keep dreaming. 

  • Robert B

    Nicely done, Irv.

    I live near Bachmann’s district and had the pleasure of meeting her and hearing her speak at the 2010 Republican celebration here in Minnesota. I have always liked her.

  • Ethan

    I want to know why Bob Vander Platts and the Family Leader board asked the only female candidate to step aside for a man who is further down in the polls?  Is Bob and the Family Leader misognists?  Did Sen Rick or staff promotes this call?  This ploy by Sen. Santorum (a Roman Catholic who does not permit a role for women in their church) and his Fundamentalist supports are stereotypical and plays into the hands of the Left in America.

  • Ethan

    rjligier – Sir, with respect, the end never justifies the means. Regardless of Sen Santorum’s intention, “obedience is far greater than sacrifice” (ask Saul and Samuel).  If the Senator was Bible-believing he would have known that the lesser of two evils is still evil.  Furthermore, his Spector endorsement was in a primary against a pro-life candidate (Pat Toomey).  And what is your explanation the Senator’s suppport for Christine Todd Whitman?  Or why did Senator Santorum  endorse Romney while Gov Huckabee was still in the race. 

  • Remik Bienkowski

    Michele rocks and is the only logical choice. She is the only candidate to maintain her composure. She follows the rules in debates and is fair to everyone. It’s time we see what a woman can do in the White House. It seems most the men have failed.

  • Carole Sherman

    Wonderful article.  How I appreciate men and women of integrity standing up for what is right!