Morning Briefing: January 16th, 2013

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

By Steve Deace

Rand Paul 2016 Gets Big Endorsement?

Joseph Farah is the main man at (aka World Net Daily), one of the biggest conservative websites in the country. Farah was one of those who recently traveled to Israel with Senator Rand Paul on a trip organized by top evangelical grassroots operative David Lane (in the interest of full disclosure I should mention I was also invited to go on this trip). Apparently Farah came back from the Holy Land excited about Rand Paul’s expected 2016 presidential run. In this article Farah says it’s not too early to get behind a 2016 presidential candidate, and he seems to indicate he’s already backing Rand Paul. I say seems to because the wording of the article is somewhat confusing. The sub-head says Farah backs a non-establishment candidate in 2016, which Rand Paul would certainly qualify as a non-establishment candidate. On the other hand, wile Farah is effusive in his praise of Rand Paul, he never writes the words “I’m endorsing him for president,” but instead indicates he doesn’t know of a non-establishment candidate who has more going for him heading into 2016.

Obama Has ‘Tepid Support’

This morning President Obama is expected to announce a sweeping legislative package aimed at violating the Second Amendment, but according to The Washington Post (note, I wrote Washington Post and not Washington Times), the measures have “tepid support among (Democrat) party leaders.” Regarding the Regime’s threatened unilateral executive action, White House Spokesperson Jay Carney himself admitted that “It’s a simple fact there are limits on what can be done (to violate the Second Amendment) within existing law.”

Another Pat Robertson Epic Fail

Pat Robertson is on a roll. He said it was okay to divorce your spouse struggling with Alzheimer’s, since it’s basically a “walking death.” He referred to Mormon Mitt Romney as an “outstanding Christian.” He made some comments about the icky sticky that received public praise from a pro-marijuana group. When a single mother asked him a question on the 700 Club about her struggles to find a husband who was willing to help her raise her children adopted internationally, Robertson replied “a man doesn’t want to take on the United Nations. After all, you never know about adopted children. They might have brain damage or they might grow up weird.” Now Robertson says “awful-looking women” are ruining marriages. In response to a question a 17-year old sent skin magazine Maxim about why his father never pays attention to his increasingly lonely mom, Robertson went on a weird rant about “awful-looking women” that included these words: “A woman came to a preacher that I know, and she was awful looking. I mean, her hair was all torn up and she was overweight and looked terrible, clothes bad and everything. And he said, ‘Oh, Reverend, what can I do? My husband has started to drink.’ And the preacher looked at her and said, ‘Madam, if I was married to you I’d start to drink too.'”

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