Deace’s Iowa Caucus Challenge to Savage


Des Moines, IA – With the Iowa caucus just around corner, Des Moines-based, syndicated talk radio host Steve Deace’s quest for the truth can be summed up with a few simple questions and answers.

The price for Newt Gingrich withdrawing his Presidential bid? One million dollars. The price for Michael Savage admitting the truth about Mitt Romney? The advertising equivalent of one million dollars.

Syndicated radio host Steve Deace’s unprecedented offer to give Michael Savage influence over the airwaves in Iowa? Priceless.

The condition is that Savage must tell the public the truth about Mitt Romney’s liberal record as governor of Massachusetts.

“I recently saw that Michael Savage offered Newt Gingrich a million dollars if he would leave the Presidential race and make room for Mitt Romney’s coronation,” said co-author of the just-released book We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong and How to Make America Right Again Steve Deace.

He continued, “I’m not on as many radio stations as Michael Savage at the moment, nor have I sold as many books as he has, so I can’t offer him a million dollars in cold hard cash in exchange for the truth. But I can offer him something much more important than money–influence in the Iowa Caucus as well as a chance to show he’s a man of integrity who really does care about the future of the country.”

Deace, whose program has been called “influential” and has recently been featured recently by Fox News, ABC/Yahoo, MSNBCNewsweek, TimeThe Washington Post, Politico, and the Los Angeles Times (amongst many others), due to its pivotal role in the first in the nation caucus state.

In the highly controversial new book, Deace, along with co-author Gregg Jackson, uncover the true sentiments of influential religious leaders when it comes to key cultural and political issues. Through extensive research and intense one-on-one interviews over a three year period, the authors find that many of their fellow brethren do not practice what they preach. A prime example in the book is Mitt Romney, whose record…for example Romney’s healthcare plan that was the blueprint to Obamacare, and includes taxpayer-funded abortions for only $50…is exposed in the video “book trailer.”

“One of the centerpieces of the book is how too many of the conservative elite like Michael Savage has white-washed Romney’s liberal record in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” Deace said. “Luckily, the conservative grassroots voter is much smarter than many of the cynical conservative kingmakers and the mainstream media give them credit for, so they did their own research and rejected Romney four years ago and are rejecting him again.”

Deace continued, “Savage has nationwide listeners, but I have statewide listeners, leading up to January 3rd. This is why I will offer him free air time on my program each night between now and January 3rd to impact the Caucus, provided he finally tells his audience the truth about Romney’s liberal record first. After all, he can keep his millions and do the right thing all at the same time.”

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