Deace Show Podcast 12-05-11


The all-new three hour Salem network premiere!

Hour 1: Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann on how she stands out from the pack of possible presidents…especially Newt.

Hour 2: News and Views. Jen reports the weekend news, Steve tells you what to think about it. The Cain Train’s last stop, Ron Paul vs. Donald Trump, Newt vs. Nancy, and so much more.

Hour 3: “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”…or will we? Michael Farris (founder of Patrick Henry College, and the Home School Legal Defense Association) on why we cannot afford a new boss, that’s the same as the old boss.

  • Jake Lawson

    Before “Mr Gorbachev Tear Down this Wall” there was “I paid for this microphone”.  Today we might call it a “viral video” moment but these two examples show that it goes back before the internet.  That is what Michelle Bachmann needs. ONE MOMENT.  Perhaps that moment just can’t be manufactured but pray for this ONE MOMENT for Michelle Bachmann as she will not win without it,

  • Kevin_Bradford

    In Rocky IV Rocky goes to Moscow to fight Ivan Drago.  Well anyone who knows boxing knows that if someone doesn’t lose by falling to the floor for a ten count, then judges who have been scoring the entire match gives their scores and the fighter with the higher score wins. So technically there’s two ways to win a Boxing Match. One by knocking out your opponent and two by having the highest score.

    But for Rocky there was only one way.  For the Judges were RUSSIAN JUDGES who would have ruled for Drago regardless.

    So Rocky had to win by KNOCK OUT!  For him there is no other way.

    Metaphorically, the same goes for Michelle Bachmann.  The “Russian Judges” (the Press, the Republican establishment etc.) would never admit that Bachmann has won a debate unless and until the victory is clear cut.

    Michelle Bachmann should not try to “win it on points”.  She needs to go for the knock out! (metaphorically).

  • Susan Patterson

    Here’s an interesting article.

    Republicans aren’t supposed to go out there and attack Obama. Oh well, then I guess they like what Obama is doing to our country.

  • Jerry Nelson

    We really need a debate between Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. Just the two of them – head to head. One on One.

    • Me

      Nothing like a debate between a Warmonger and a Torturemonger….