Deace Show Podcast 11-03-11

Representative Bachmann participates in the CNN/Tea Party Republican presidential candidates debate in Tampa

Hour 1: GOP presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann joins us…find out why she says we can trust her to fight for us…and why we can’t trust Mitt Romney.

Hour 2: How do you take control of the difficult relationships in your life? Best-selling author, Allison Bottke takes us through her book, “Setting Boundaries With Difficult People.”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for bringing my attention to the Agenda – Grinding America Down documentary, I just ordered the DVD and will be showing it to my family and friends.

    What brought me to your site was your interview with Michele Bachmann. Excellent show, and excellent questions. I strongly believe that Michele is the only candidate that not only understands the gravity of our nation’s situation, has a proven consistently conservative record and knows exactly the steps that are needed to turn us back from the precipice, but also will not cave into the severe pressure that the next President will face when they get there.