A Letter from Dr. Tim LaHaye to South Carolina Pastors and Evangelicals


Dear fellow South Carolina evangelicals and pastors:

You may find this hard to believe, but in 1947-48 I was the pastor of the
Oolenoy Baptist church in Pumpkintown, S.C, thirty five miles out in the
country from Greenville. It was there that I was ordained to the Gospel
ministry and have been in the Lord’s work for over 64 happy years.

The reason I am writing you is because as a South Carolinian, you are
in a strategic position to help America at this historic time in our
nation’s history. During the last three years our nation has been led
by liberal secularists who have tried their best to remove God from our
public square and the elimination of the Biblical principles our founding
fathers built this nation on. Their financial policies have already
brought us to the brink of bankruptcy and their government policies of
over regulation has prolonged our recession and will, if continued for
four more years, destroy this country as we know it. Some in this
government want to tell churches who they can hire or fire to run their
church, which is the very thing our forefathers wanted to keep the King
and his government from doing. If we do not change our leaders in the
next election we will end up being like the godless socialist countries
of Europe. That will so destroy our country in four years that many
experts believe we will never be able to reclaim it for moral and physical

That is where you come in! As a voter you can go to the polls and elect the one man in the up coming primary with the intelligence, conservative philosophy and hands on experience in government that is so needed today to return our country to the God honoring principles that made our nation the greatest country in world history. That man is our personal friend, Speaker Newt Gingrich. My wife Beverly, the Founder and Chairman of Concerned Women For America based in Washington D.C., and I believe he is the only man running for the office of President of America who shares our conservative principles who can beat the present leader in open debate and win! As my friend, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell told me personally, Speaker Newt Gingrich is the most qualified man in America to run as president of the United States. We agree!

In 1980, America was on a decline not unlike our country is today.  Liberal secularists had brought our nation to the verge of maylieze and stagnation because over half the Christians in America didn’t even bother to vote. That’s why we started the Moral Majority that helped elect conservative Ronald Regan and with God’s help he changed the direction of our country. I am one of the two minister board members still living who helped Jerry get that majority started. Today we have no regrets!

Now it is your turn. It seems apparent the Republican candidates have
come down to two possible winners. Please payerfully consider going to
the polls and help elect Newt Gingrich, a proven conservative who has the best chance of replacing the present occupant of the White House with a man with a proven record of appointing conservatives to office that can return this country to the constitutional principles that God has chosen to bless for over two hundred years. Not just for ourselves, but for our children and to maintain the relgious freedom thais so important today in preserving our nation’s future.

The following is our official press release:

Now that the Republican Presidential Primary has wound down to two frontrunners who can win, I would like to publicly endorse the proven conservative speaker of the House Newt Gingrich as the most qualified candidate to become the next president of the United states. His record in office has a near unbroken record of Conservative commitment to the Judeo/Christian principles that have made this the greatest nation in the history of he world.

I have known him for over thirty years and acknowledge he is not perfect, none of us is. But when it comes to standing for life, moral values for our nation, a sound fiscal program for both business and the family and commitment to the U.S. constitution, I believe he can be counted on to do what is right for America, here at home and abroad. He unashamedly opposes the socialistic policies of taking from the haves and give to the have nots that has never worked anywhere to lift a country economically, morally or in any other way except dictatorship and the loss of freedom.

And he can win! Obama’s teleprompter cannot compete with Him, neither can anyone else. I can’t wait to see the president try to debate him. And these are only some of the reasons I endorse him as the next president of the United States.

Dr. Tim LaHaye

Minister/author/Christian educator

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=641645450 Jerry D. Woods


    • Steven R.

      Typing in all caps: Shout louder. We can’t hear you.

      • Mthayne

        I thought it highly appropriate to respond in that manner, considering the crass, hateful remarks posted prior to that.

    • http://twitter.com/usorthem3 Skooter McGoo

      You do know that history also tells fact that children were STOLEN from their parents by those same “loving” Christians and forced to convert from the “savage beliefs”. 
      2 Chronicles 15 13 That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.

      • pharrj

        It’s pretty interesting how you take a piece of scripture and throw it out onto a blog without a fundamental understanding of hermeneutics and context. Maybe if you understood the fact that if you take this scripture within its context and realize that this under and old testament covenant and look at the fact that the “Christian” church was born out of the New Testament covenant no longer under the Old Testament covenant you might have some inkling that the above given example is an ill-logical red herring. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross He has done away with animal sacrifice, strict judgement under the old law and puts us all under grace and mercy. Something any one that had taken the time to have a full understanding of why Asa made the comments he did in the aforementioned scripture.
        I am no fool and understand that there is not one religion in this world that is without the human error and misjudgement that comes with being human. Any true treatment of the annals of history and true representation of any scripture needs to be taken within the context of the entirety of that scripture and given fair representation. Whether it’s the Holy Bible or the Koran I would only ask that you give fair representation. Something you obviously failed to understand in your above, grossly uneducated, comment.
        I pray that you would actually take the time to read and understand the history of Christianity and the bible…I believe that if you allow yourself to take a true look at Christianity and let go of your obviously bias preconceptions you might actually find something very enlightening…Truth! Oh…by the way, I probably misspelled something or used improper grammar in the above post, so please withhold any critiques as I’ve seen throughout this thread, unless they substantive in nature. Thank you and God Bless you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Tribble/1258890819 Justin Tribble

      Leading the way be endorsing a total scumbag like Newt?

  • Steven R.

    I don’t like Obama, but I’ll vote for him because I don’t want America turning into a Christian version of Aghanistan. Christianistan? Evangelicals suck, and Gingrich is nothing but a power hungry asshat. Have a nice day.

  • Mark Carroll

    This is so sad that Dr. LaHaye falls for this garbage. Ron Paul is twenty times the Christian that sleazebag Newt Gingrich is, and twenty times the conservative, too. Polls have shown he can beat Obama, as well. This race will be between Romney and Paul. Don’t waste your vote on serial adulterer and serial hypocrite big government “conservative” Newt. Vote for a real Christian, a real conservative, and the only person that offers real hope and change – Ron Paul.

    • James

      Dr. Lahaye is not falling for any garbage his listeners are – Ron Paul represents change and is non corruptible. Some claim to be righteous but make enormous money from the status quo – Dr. Lahaye represents the status quo!

      • David J Shedlock

        Non-corruptible?  Wow!  Paul already has his resurrected body!

        • James

          Nice. Didn’t mean it in that sense. Truth will prevail just don’t know when that will be, but the truth is spreading like wild fire and I say AMEN!

          • Vandykerevueband

            Would you mind providing the link showing Ron Paul can beat Obama? 


          • James

            He recieved the most independent votes and young votes. Those are key to winning the general election. Even the poll you link has Ron Paul within the margin of error. Not bad considering the medai keeps telling us sheep Ron Paul is unelectable.
            The main issues are – The economy, Big government, TARP, Obama Care, and for independents and young voters – our unconstituional foreign entanglements (nation building).
            Ron Paul – can debates these issues while the other so called conservative candidates (cough,  cough) have to defend past positions on these important issues which dilutes the contrast between Obama and ? – more of the same!

          • Mark Carroll

            Sorry, hadn’t checked back since I posted (hadn’t intended to come back to this thread – just a coincidence in looking for something else.) To answer your question, here’s one:


  • James

    A wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • http://twitter.com/mhartford Michael Hartford

    “maylieze”? At least those godless socialists can spell.

  • David j Shedlock

    Do we ever tire of pundits who claim to be Christians claim the candidate they support is the “only one who can” do this or that?  I thought God was our Savior. When did LaHaye become omniscient?

    He is “one man” who can restore Biblical principles?  

    Keep looking for someone besides God to save country and the country will never be saved.

    “proven record of appointing conservatives to office”

    You mean like pro-abortion candidates DeDe Scozzafava and Meg Whitman whom Gingrich endorsed against pro-life candidates, there Tim? (Besides, Newt is not an executive, he doesn’t appoint. I have no idea who he is talking about). 
    “many experts believe we will never be able to reclaim it for moral and physical
    Who you gonna believe, God or the experts?   How do you know this, Mr. LaHaye?

    • Mthayne

      And with your crass mouth and arrogant attitude; God has his hands full. 

      • David J Shedlock

        I agree with you that God has his hands full with me and my arrogance. If you could help me see what is crass in what I said, I’d appreciate it.

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  • Lawson Thomas

    It is amazing to me that a man of questionable  moral character will come first over a moral, prayerful, good family man if he is a Mormon. Christians, it seems, would vote for anyone with any kind of personal problems except a Mormon.. Can a Mormon be forgiven? Can a Mormon repent? Can a Mormon be saved? If a Mormon prays to Jesus Christ, do you think The Saviour might be listening and just might forgive the mistake of this poor sinner in not agreeing with Christians? I wonder?
    Mormons believe Genesis 1:26,27 And God said,” let us make man in our image and our likeness”. Christians choose to believe, the non-biblical man made Nicean Creed.
    It seems to me that any God Fearing, moral man, is fit to be President of the United States.

    • David J Shedlock

      You are right, Lawson. Except you blew it. The Nicene Creed simply explained what the Bible teaches about who Christ is: Jehovah come in the Flesh to the be only Savior in the Universe. It denies the Satan-inspired doctrine that “ye shall be as gods”.

      Mormons don’t fear the Eternal God, they believe He was once a man.

      • EG

        BS. People should really take the time to understand what Mormons really believe, instead of regurgitating lies and yellow journalism and believing the lies and yellow journalism.

        The President of the United States does not save souls, God does. A Mormon president can’t hurt this country any more than what all the other presidents have and what the Senate and Congress has. The evangelicals have ruined politics and this country. The evangelicals put more faith in politics than in God. By not voting for a Mormon proves it. By supporting an adulterer and liar (Gingrich) also proves evangelicals do not trust God.

  • Thebills

    This is goyische mishagash

  • James

    I hope you all are granted the grace of discernment.
    30 plus years of this pin ball game with us being the ping ball is long enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gavin.mcdougald Gavin McDougald

    Yikes. What a pile of bushwa. Reading between your many misspelled and grammatically challenged lines, your main argument appears to be about government policy when it comes to funding of religious institutions.

    “Some in this government want to tell churches who they can hire or fire to run their
    The US government won’t, and rightly so, provide funds to those who discriminate against people based on their religious or sexual orientation. That might bother you, however I would consider that very kind of discrimination exactly what Jesus wouldn’t do.

    But what do I know. I’m no “Doctor”.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the very folks who should be the most tolerant, those who call themselves “evangelical”, are completely the opposite. 

  • Judi

    First, I am a Christian but there is a separation of church and state. You have no place spewing your thoughtless beliefs from the pulpit. Second, you obviously do not hold women in high regard. I always thought when you took vows and actually said “forsaking all others in SICKNESS AND HEALTH”. Not until “when someone younger and not sickly” comes along. Shame on you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Tribble/1258890819 Justin Tribble

    Newt Gingrich has NO MORAL CHARACTER. And you’re endosing him? You are a joke. Newt was sleeping in his wife’s bed with another woman while trying to impeach Clinton. Wake up, you friggin’ idiot.