Huge Prolife Victory in South Carolina

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stand up for life baby

Voters made a historic decision in South Carolina yesterday. The primary elections offered the opportunity to test where the voters stood on certain issues. So the Republican Party decided to see what the people believe about the personhood of unborn children.

They simply asked whether equal protection under the law should include the pre-born, beginning at conception.

Guess what!?!

A landslide majority of 79% of the voters said YES! 

Every preborn child should be protected by love and by law, and 79% of Republican voters in South Carolina demanded that the state constitution should be amended to say so!

This has massive implications for the South Carolina legislature and the 2016 Presidential Election. The sweeping success of this Personhood resolution means congressional Republicans in South Carolina just received a mandate for Personhood from the grassroots.

And if any 2016 Republican Presidential candidate expects to do well in the crucial South Carolina primaries, that candidate cannot forget that 79% of the base believes preborn children deserve full Personhood protections!


That’s a huge margin. Personhood for the unborn is gaining traction. We have some serious momentum building across the country.

Way to go, South Carolina voters. Thank you for standing up for the unborn. God bless you!

Now is the time to press our advantage and call for a constitutional amendment recognizing the personhood of the preborn in South Carolina.  Please join us in helping to assure the forward motion continues. We need you to partner with us to continue to see victories like this one, in each state of the union!


Keith Mason is the President of Personhood USA and focuses on building effective strategies to build the Personhood grassroots in the US, establishing new Personhood efforts, and impacting the movement through key media driven events.  Motivated by the 2nd commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself,” protecting the defenseless is top priority to him and to his family.