Government seeks to control religious thought?

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

by Rebekah Maxwell


Let’s say you were the United States government.

(For those few brave readers who continue on this mental journey after that first line, I am impressed…and I pray for our souls).

You’ve been engaged for more than a decade in a grueling and cyclical war against an ideology. The adherents to this belief system want none of the benefits you’re peddling, in fact, they think that you epitomize the main problem with the world. Many of these ideologues think, even after years of our “Democracy, whether you like it or not” strategies, that the U.S. is not actually their best friend.

And despite dolling out billions of American dollars in foreign aid, these folks we’re fighting actually think we’re their enemy. Just because we’re killing their neighbors on their own soil, year after year. Crazy, right?

How can we change their minds? If we can’t sell them (literally) on the notion that we’re the world’s Daddy-Warbucks-super-cool-benefactor-land, what’s left to convince them? Changing our behavior? Ending the war? Practicing the freedom  we preach in our land?

Nope. Mind-control, of course.


Investigative journalist Ben Swann brought forth the story from a whistle-blower in a government research project…the goal of which was to program and reprogram the way our enemies think about religion.

In 2012, Arizona State Universityʼs Center for Strategic Communication or CSC was awarded a $6.1 million dollar research grant by DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The goal of the project according to ASUʼs website is to “study the neurobiology of narrative comprehension, validate narrative theories and explore the connection between narrative and persuasion.”
…At its core, the program is focused on how to win the narrative against Muslim extremism.

They set out to identify and map which parts of the brain are used in “narrative persuasion,” or what you believe/your worldview, and how it causes you to think, feel, identify, and act.

If they can create the right narrative, they can manipulate the listener/viewer into their desired understanding and action, so the theory goes. If a Muslim is considering a militant recruiter’s pitch, and we think that might make them react violently toward the U.S., this project’s solution is to “take away a part of your brain that will think that it fits in with your culture or master narrative, and that will hopefully lead you to not do these extremist, violent acts.

How, you may ask suspiciously, does this government project propose to control people’s minds? With giant magnets.

Get your laughs out now…and adjust the tinfoil hat. It’s a process called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and it’s already been federally-approved in the treatment of depression, to alter the parts of your brain that determine mood.

So, the government’s new bright idea in this project is to alter other “bad or wrong” areas of the brain to ensure that what people believe about them is positive.  To literally control the narrative of others’ thoughts, actions, and faith, to their desired outcome.

Good thing we trust our government so implicitly. Good thing we know they’d never use such an invasive and immoral process on those who challenge them. And that they’ve given no indication they oppose certain religions (that you probably hold dear). And that the 1st Amendment binds them from ever trampling on our freedom of speech and religion.

Why would we have anything to fear if our government (that we trust so) can manipulate someone’s beliefs at whim? I’m sure they’re only protecting us against the most dangerous of thought-criminals.

They’re double-plus good.  And they’re watching over us.