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Deace Show Podcast 05-30-12

Hour 1: Sex-selective child killing in America…the horrifying truth comes out.

Dr. Michael Milton of Reformed Theological Seminary on what’s really behind the Occupy movement.

Plus: Two pieces of data out today from two key battleground states that are not good news for Mitt Romney.

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Hour 2: Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association joins us about his recent blog that says homosexuality is not a conservative value.

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Hour 3: A must-listen Worldview Wednesday looks at why we lose, and why we get fooled, over and over again.

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13 Responses to Deace Show Podcast 05-30-12

  1. jerrymcglothlin says:

    You are right. We need to find our Christian courage again and change the world, rather than letting the world change us.

  2. Sid Henderson says:

    Steve, I think I am correct in saying that South Park doesn’t really find itself into your normal viewing habits, right?

    You and Jen have got to see this quick video that was on South Park regarding Mormons. I promise everything on the video is rated G.  You will not get the tune out of your head.

    Joseph Smith was called a prophet…

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb…

    He started the Mormon religion…

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

  3. Gregory Nielson says:

    This is perhaps the cleanest song in this whole Broadway Musical. Absolutely NO swear words here.  It’s the history of the Mormon religion up to the point they founded Salt Lake City.

    What the Broadway Musical was about is there was this Mormon Missionary who was sent to Uganda to convert the people there. Ultimately he is successful but only after re-writing the whole religion to fit their current situation. Which as the Musical points out wasn’t unique as the religion has been re-writing itself for political expediency from the very beginning.  “God” like forbid polygamy at just the most political opportune moment even though before it had been part of the religion. So, what this Mormon Missionary did was just in line with what the Mormons always have  done. 

    Again, I would recommend some of the other songs but yeah they are pretty crude.  In the story the Ugandans were facing some pretty crude situations so the missionary transformed the religion to match  the crude situation.  The other songs.  Like I said this song has no crude words in it.  Another  song “I believe” is almost pretty clean except for perhaps one or two words, but then you get to like “The American Moses” and then yeah, pretty crude. Not for children, though in context for an adult audience not as bad as it sounds out of context.

    But again not this song.  So, please listen to one of the few cleans songs in the Broadway Musical

  4. Jacob Rockwell says:

    Oh my Gawd, oh my Gawd, if Dole loses and Clinton get four more years…I mean forget the Y2K bug, with four more years of Clinton, it’s over man, it’s over. Our county will never survive it!

    Sorry, just had a 1990s flashback.  Question though, which was more conservative?  The second term of Clinton or the second term of Bush?

    Look, they lied to us before about the country being over with Clinton, shame on them. But shame on us if we fall for those fear tactics this time around.

    Too many of us seem to want to for a seat at the table (which we aren’t even getting) want to throw G.O.D. under the bus for the sake of the G.O.P. 

    Well excuse me for putting G.O.D. before G.O.P. 

    The message we sent to our Savior was pretty bad in 2008, but what kind of message are we sending to our Savior if we vote for a guy who actually believes that when he dies he will get his own planet and then will be on equal status with HIM?  I know the old joke about the difference between God and Obama (God doesn’t think he is Obama) but really, I am not saying to go out and vote for Obama, but to vote for a guy who thinks that he will become equal with God when he dies with his own planet, how can that not just be blasphemy of the worst order!

    A vote for Romney is a vote that for all practical purposes legitimizes Mormonism in the eyes of the world.  And if Romney wins, who really will run this country? Romney, or Thomas S. Monson? Who is Thomas S. Monson? Yeah most of the country doesn’t even know the guy’s name, unless you are a Mormon though, because to Mormons Thomas S. Monson speaks directly to God.  If Thomas S. Monson said God said it then to the Mormons, then to presumably Romney God said it.(for why would someone lie about something like that…dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb).

    Vote for Romney and behind the scenes you are going to get Thomas S. Monson. 

    The Republican Party seems to be forcing Christians into a terrible choice. Either the party or your faith.  It is sad to see how many Christians, and I mean Christian leaders are choosing the former over the later. It i sad to see how many people are throwing G.O.D. under the bus for the sake of the G.O.P.

    God’s not one of us. Not a slob like one of us. Not some alien you can throw under the bus while you are trying to get a planet of your own…

  5. Susan Benson says:

     It’s in one of the songs in the Broadway Musical “Book of Mormon”

    I believe that God has a plan for all of us.

    I believe that plan involves me getting my own planet.

    And I believe; that the current President of The Church, Thomas Monson, speaks directly to God.

    I am A Mormon,

    And, dang it! a Mormon just believes!

  6. Susan Benson says:

     I will try to tell it in the least crude way possible.

    There was this Ugandan who said in the Broadway Musical that his faith told him that one can get rid of AIDS by having sex with a baby (which unfortunately we know is a belief among the Pagans in some African areas).

    Well of course the Mormon missionary is horrified by hearing this and to stop the Ugandan from having sex with a baby he told him that Joseph Smith successfully cured AIDS by having sex with a frog.

    Yeah, very crude humor indeed but it did seem reminiscent of how the Mormon faith has morphed and changed over time.  The missionary (under the best intentions) were telling all these lies about Mormonism (ironic because of course Mormanism was a lie from the beginning so he was lying about a lie) but it seemed to really be working within the tribe as it began to evolve into something they could relate to and something that seemed to meet there needs (not really of course because I think we all know what would REALLY meet their needs).

    In a way, Mormonism has been the most pragmatic religion in the world.  Want to have sex with a lot of women – say God told you to. Wait, now such a faith principle conflicts with your chances of becoming an American State – Say God has now forbid it.

    Mormon views seem icky post Civil Rights era, just say God changed his mind about Blacks.

    I know Romney’s record conflicts with Mormon Principles (current Mormon principles because they can change and don’t be surprised when they do) but in a way, the flip flop nature, the political expedient nature of Romney is typical Mormon.

    Again from the lyrics of “I believe” from the Broadway Musical Book of Mormon.

    I believe that Satan has a hold of you

    I believe that the Lord, God, has sent me here

    And I believe that in 1978, God changed his mind about black people!

    You can be a Mormon..

    A Mormon who just believes!

    By the way Steve could you someday do some program about the Mormon “Pearl of Great Price”. I have heard some say that  the Mormon “Pearl of Great Price” holds more influence over Mormon dogma than the Book of Mormon itself.

  7. Thomas Jackson says:

    Jacob Rockwell said:

    “The Republican Party seems to be forcing Christians into a terrible choice. Either the party or your faith.”

    Actually, if the Republican party wants to believe their “Can’t Survive Four More Years” lie they are presenting us with a even more horrendous prospect. I mean just for the sake of their argument accepting it as they  have presented it for people of a Christian World view it’s your country or your God.

    And there are few things I love, there are more things that value, few things I stand more strongly for than my country,  but yeah GOD is number one on that list!

    Look, let’s say they are right although others here have already shown they aren’t but okay if I vote for Obama” by in  their twisted logic not voting for President or voting for a third party candidate and Obama wins, and as a result of  Obama winning it’s over. Our Republic falls into dictatorship, oppression, you know total repression.

    But, if I vote for Romney and he becomes President, the very act of having the FIRST MORMON PRESIDENT condemns souls to Hell as  it will for a great deal of the world legitimatize Mormonism as an acceptable relgion.  Mormons can use the very fact  that a Mormon is a President to steal souls away. The US Presidency has a “legitimacy effect” that having a Mormon  becoming a state legislator, a Congressman, a Senator or a Governor of some state does not have. And it effects the world.

    So quite literally the Republican Party is telling us the only way to save our country is to betray God.

    So, as much as I love my country, I don’t love it at the expense of God.

    And from God’s perspective who’s to say that saving the Republic is God’s will.  Don’t tell me that there aren’t more  committed, stronger Christians in places like Syria, like China than there are here. Persecution tends to strengthen the  faith community, not weaken it.

    Perhaps this is God calling the American Christian community to make a choice. Look I have blessed you with this Incredible  Republic for over two hundred years but would you sacrifice all of that for Me???

    Unfortunately too many of America’s Christians are saying no.  America is more important than you God!

  8. Susan Benson says:

    Can a Christian vote for Mitt Romney without it being a sin against God?  I know it sounds harsh but no, voting for Mitt Romney for President of the United States is a sin, and any so called Christian leader who says otherwise is leading the flock astray and should be rebuked and rejected.

    Look, the question here that we are facing isn’t merely “can a Christian vote for a non Christian for public office”, or “can a Christian vote for a non Christian to lead the country’.  Now those are interesting questions in and of themselves, and unless I am mistaken (which I might be) you Steve said theoretically, Yes.

    But that’s not the pertinent question in Mitt Romney’s  case. Given the unique role Mormonism has played in American society and given the unique role of the US Presidency, not only in this nation but in the world, the question is what effect would having the first Mormon President have on the spread of this very dangerous blasphemous cult?  And it is that effect that more than everything else that makes it sinful, makes it an insult against God to vote for Mitt Romney.

    I mean sure, if God forbid like a Hindu became US president, yeah that would be a big thing for Hindus around the world but it would not have the legitimizing effect this will have for Mormons. Hinduism has been around for thousands of years.

    But having Miltt Romney become President will be a seminal event in the life of the Mormon Church. It would be the culmination of a process of acceptance that began when that 14 year old “found” those tablets back in 1820.  No other event in Mormon history will have such significance as the Mormons fully realizing their dream of mainstream acceptance by having one of their own lead the country of their founding, the country who has so frequently rejected them.

    Mormonism has already been way too successful but think what full legitimacy which is what Mitt Romney becoming President will be seen as throughout the world would have on Mormon evangelizing.  And think of all the souls that will be stolen, be condemned as a result.

    Republicans like saying a “vote for” is a “vote for”. Well a vote for Mitt Romney is vote for full recognition and legitimization of Mormonism.  And that insults God.  You can give me many reasons why supposedly Romney would be good for my nation, but you can’t get away from the basic fact that voting for Romney and in doing so legitimizing his cult, insults God!

    Christian leaders who tell their followers that it’s somehow okay to do it, much less encourage their followers to do so are committing the greatest sin. And it reveals their true nature, if they are really true Christian leaders devoted to God or merely pretenders!

    So, no a Christian can not vote for Romney without committing a sin. That’s all there is to it.

  9. Greg Nelson says:

     Things more important than God.

    Hatred Towards Barrack Obama.

    Winning one for “our team”.

    The “unity” of the Republican Party.

    Our constitution.

    Our Country.

    Oh, not to me, but to all to many Christians I see around me.  I started from the most trivial to indeed some very important stuff. I mean I have to say I hate Barrack Obama with a passion but it seems trivial for me, actually it seems quite sinful for me to put my hatred for Barrack Obama before God.

    Other things on this list are indeed quite important.  There are few things I would put above our constitution, before our country, but yeah my faith towards God would be one of them.

  10. Susan Benson says:

     Putting Hatred Towards Barrack Obama before Love of God.

    Truly sinful but that is what I see all too many Christians do.

  11. Martin Dunn says:

    I think it is important to stress that your argument about voting for Romney being a sin doesn’t even depend upon a discussion on whether Romney would be a better President or not. Nor does it depend on what people think Obama may or may not do to our country.

    Romney could be the best, the most conservative candidate ever (he is not of course). He could live up to all our dreams of what we want in a President and what he would do for our country but still given the effect of electing the first Mormon President would do in fully legitimizing Mormonism, that effect alone makes voting for Romney a sin. Or as you said it a vote for Romney is in effect a vote for legitimatizing Mormonism and as a consequence  the lost of souls to this cult.

    I say this because someone on “Free Republic” said that voting for Romney was a sin, and of course he was attacked by all these Mitt-bots saying oh, the only perfect man was Jesus so you are always voting for lesser of two evils, and stuff like “he might be bad but Obama is worse” and stuff like that.

    But with  your argument all of that is besides the fact. The fact is by voting for Romney you will be in effect fully legitimating the Mormon church, and that in and of itself is an insult to God – a Sin -  that one just can’t get around.

    All the other talk, even if it was correct, can’t justify this action. In fact to insult God in order to avoid the pain of Obama is unchristian in a very deep sense. 

    By the way if you want to see the responses, though they are pretty typical, here’s the link. But like I said, all the responses given how you have framed the question are irrelevant.  You can’t save the country by insulting God.;page=1

  12. Susan Benson says:

     “This is in a way a natural development
    in the history of Mormonism,” said Jon Meacham, a journalist who has
    written extensively on politics and religion. “Joseph Smith and the
    founders of the church clearly saw America as the new Jerusalem, and
    therefore for an adherent of the faith to have such a central role in
    the life of a nation would have been something they dreamed of.”

    This is what makes a vote for a Mormon to be our President so different than like say a Muslim or a  Hindu and so clearly a sin (I am not saying voting for a Muslim or a Hindu isn’t a sin).

    The very act of Romney becoming US President is will be a milestone for the Mormons, in their unique place within the framework of American history a fulfillment of what they see as their ultimate destiny.

    It will embolden their missionary work and a result souls will be condemned. 

    Any “Christian” especially a “Christian Leader” who says that voting for Romney for President isn’t a sin against God is deeply deeply wrong.  But at the very least it will separate the wheat from the chaft when it comes to Christian Leadership. Come November when Romney loses, these people will have lost everything, their reputation, their credibility and yes, their soul. 

    My third party candidate will lose too but at least I will have everything else intact.

    Read the while article below

  13. Susan Benson says:

     Here is another article that perhaps explains even better how Romney becoming President is so linked with Mormon Dogma.

    There’s no way around it.  A vote for Romney is a vote justifying, a vote fully legitimizing, a vote supporting the Mormon church.

    And that is clearly a sin!  No one can vote for Romney without committing a sin against God.

    ” Mitt Romney wants voters to see him as the man to save the economy and
    right the country, the redeeming American hero riding in on the
    proverbial white horse. Just not that White Horse. That’s the one in the
    old Mormon prophecy attributed to Joseph Smith, which predicts that
    after the banks fail and when the Constitution is nearing collapse,
    Mormons flush with wealth — the White Horse, in the prophecy’s metaphor —
    will rise and lead America back to greatness. ”